Prayer Week 2021


August 30 -September 3, 2021


From 1,849 DKK

The focus course is prayer. The course is organized in cooperation with Bedehus Danmark and typically brings together people from the wider ecclesiastical landscape in Denmark.

The week includes lectures and presentations on various current topics from Denmark and abroad. There will, of course, also be teaching about the importance of Christian intercession. Finally, inspiration and motivation are provided for continued prayer, as well as an opportunity to pray for and with each other during the week.

"When the Kingdom of God forms a nation"  

As worshippers and as Christians, we are not an indifferent parenthesis in society. Instead, we can engage with zeal and commitment in promoting and acting in the best possible way so that God's pleasure and blessing can remain and be strengthened over our country. We can work for the kingdom of God to form a nation.  

Lecturers and lecturers:

Again this year, we have the pleasure of being visited by a wide range of inspirational speakers, all of whom have a strong understanding of what intercession and the exercise of spiritual authority mean. It is leaders and educators with insight into the areas of influence education, our universities, climate, agriculture, abortion, Christian values, politics etc.

  • Michael Laursen, The Secretary-General of the Free Church, on a growing spiritual understanding in the political world that is felt.  
  • Lars Bo Olesen, superintendent of Acts Academy
  • Derek Mutungu, Zambia
  • Patrik Sanberg, Sverigsbean  
  • Kenneth Kühn, European Head of the Iranian Mission Organisation ELAM Ministries.
  • Lucinda and Michael Rasmussen, Vicarage in Næstved City Church.
  • John Nielsen, Mission Superintendent of the Mission Association
  • the team and others.  

During the week we have two legislative leaders/groups: Elsebeth & Michael Christoffersen and Liselotte & Ole Drejer Jensen.

Additional info at Acts Academy 75524799, at Rakul Kristiansen 20810113 ... or at Bent Christiansen 53663033...