Travel and ministry practice

The Bigger Perspective.

Traveling is an adventure!

Several times a year we travel. The trips provide some unique experiences, often in a foreign culture, in unfamiliar surroundings and under different conditions than on a daily basis. It shakes us together, teaches us new and gives us experiences, friends and experiences for life.

Start-up Trips

When we start up in August and January, we go on a start-up tour. It is often some days in scenic surroundings. It is a great opportunity to get to know each other in conditions that are completely different from our everyday lives. There are challenges, inspiration, fun and a lot of team-building. It is also a good opportunity to seek even closer to God, to experience the Holy Spirit and to get a sense of what awaits during the rest of the course.

It is on the start-up tours that we begin the work of knocking off the rust and starting a process of personal change and development. We believe that all humans contain the germ of something big.

Study Trips

In the autumn, the focus is on the study trip. We are working on these tours supporting the teaching the stream individual students have to follow on Wednesdays: Creative Lab, Communication & Storytelling, or Leadership & Innovation

Mission Trips

The trips are adventurous but more than that. They are an outstretched hand to the local churches in the countries we visit. We want all students to choose one of the two trips we offer, in order to get out and get tested on the things they have learned at Acts Academy.

Of course, we come with a generous and serving mind and help with what may be needed. We usually get involved in practical work, social work, prison mission, teaching, church services, intercession and much more. It is a great opportunity to both give and learn across cultures and backgrounds.

We work with churches and organizations around the world and choose different destinations from year to year. Since the student will have to pay for the trip himself, there will be both a cheaper trip in Europe and a slightly more expensive trip to Africa or Asia. When it can be done, we stay with private families where we get there.

Mission trips in the spring typically last 8-16 days and cost DKK 3-10,000.

Service Internship

The Acts Academy is the church's training ground and the place where employees and leaders can get relevant training for their personal life and development - which is therefore also relevant to the churches. We call it Church Based Bible school.
In class and in daily life, local church and service play a major role; cohesion between school and church is noticeable.

Internship in your own local church

To ensure maximum benefit from the education provided at Acts Academy, we make appointments with local churches for internships. It takes place on Friday-Sunday and is based on an agreement between the student, the local church and Acts Academy. The agreement includes description of tasks, expected follow-up, economy, residence at weekends, and other things that are relevant to creating a good and beneficial internship experience for both the church and the student.

Where internships are not possible with one's own local church, agreements are made with other churches. A number of students are involved in Kirkeibyen, including the great social work that is being done, but this is also based on agreements on content and frameworks.

Most students return Sunday evening and participate if possible in the evening service of Kirkeibyen.

Especially for pastors and other church leaders

In the churches there are a lot of volunteers who make a lot of effort. No church wants to do without their talented people for a long time. But in fact, many churches express that it is their wish that the best should be even better! Therefore, it has now become popular in several places to have 'interns', another word for a give-a-year employee.

We offer a set-up that accommodates this idea. Four days a week we offer a training in top class. These are teachings that aim for students to get a healthy identity, a foundation of faith, orderliness, Christ likeness, ability to build relationships, and an understanding of their callings and gifts in life. The teaching is life-friendly and negotiable in practice. We put it this way: We create an environment where you grow Inwardly and are transformed Outwardly, to go Onward to impact the world for Christ.

It is our expectation that you as churches are close to the student and give them input and feedback on their internship. In this way, you will continue to be close to the student and rejoice in the development that is happening in the individual - and in your church.

It's Win-win.

Pastors, youth leaders, etc. are very welcome to contact us to learn more about this cooperation.