OneHeart 2023

Praise and worship leaders, singers, musicians, technicians


October 13-14, 2023


From 585 kr.

Events and resources that connect, inspire and develop musical and technical artists in the local church.

OneHeart aims to connect, inspire and develop musical and technical leaders in the local church.

This worship conference will be filled with the presence of God, challenging and encouraging keynotes, great food and the most delicious fellowship!

The conference is for the entire church worship team, musicians, singers and technicians.

Our three main focus areas are:

  1. Life-changing encounters with God in worship and inspirational words: Our events are designed to create deep spiritual experiences where participants can experience the presence of God through heart-opening worship and deeply moving inspirational messages.

  2. Challenging and practical training and KeyNotes: We believe in the power of insight and knowledge. That's why we offer challenging training and KeyNotes that not only open minds to new perspectives, but also provide practical tools and action-oriented approaches to implement the learning in everyday life.

  3. Networking and round-table conversations to share knowledge and build new relationships: We understand the importance of building networks and relationships. Our events create an atmosphere where attendees can engage in meaningful conversations, share knowledge and experiences, while building deep relationships that last beyond the event.

In addition, inclusivity and diversity are important to us. We value and respect the diversity of our churches. The Worship Conference is open to everyone, regardless of background and experience.

We actively work to create an inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels welcome.

We look forward to seeing you!

**Early Bird discount of 10% is deducted from the price. After September 30, the price increases.

Samuel Christiansen


Samuel is from Denmark and trained as a teacher. He works as a worship leader at the high school and in Kirkeibyen. Samuel leads the 'One Heart' network, which brings together worshippers from all over the country. He was previously a student at Bible school and spent a year in North Carolina at the Morning Star School & Ministries.

Esben Dulwich Engholm

Creative Lab leader, musician and songwriter

Esben is educated in creativity and innovation, he is an experienced worshipper and songwriter. With 22 years of experience in praise management and head of creative teams, he will equip the students to make an impression. Esben has a great passion for promoting praise nationally as well as internationally. In addition, Esben has a great ability to do this in both theory and practice, so they come together.

Neil Harvey

Neil is from Wales. He has worked as a pastor of the Apostolic Church in Wales for 10 years and later for Equippers Church Surrey for 5 years. He holds a BA in Christian Ministry from Bangor University and an MA in Missional Leadership from For Mission College In England.

Sem Schaap

Sem Schaap is a keyboardist, producer and songwriter. Born in The Netherlands, Sem served as the Music Director at LIFE Church in the UK for over 9 years and has a deep passion for building the local church and its worship teams.

Stig Hagen

Academic Dean

Stig is the Academic Dean of Acts Academy with a master's degree in leadership and theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is an entrepreneur with years of experience as a manager, organizational leader and pastor. Stig is also deeply involved in mission in Eastern Europe and East Africa, and has served as a missionary to Tanzania. His passion is to see people discover and develop their potential, and experience a deep relationship with God. Sometimes you will also find Stig leading worship. He is married to Sara, who also teaches at the school, and together they have 3 grown children.

Dan Zeltner

Guest Speaker

Multi-Talented Musician, Inspirational Pastor, and Empowering Coach

Dän Zeltner is a true Renaissance figure, with a remarkable blend of talents and experiences that have left an indelible mark on the worlds of music, spirituality, and personal growth. As a prolific songwriter, dedicated pastor, seasoned coach, and accomplished producer, he brings a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to every platform he graces.

A Musical Journey:

With an impressive catalog of 10 released albums to his name, Dän Zeltner has demonstrated his musical prowess and creativity throughout the years. His songs resonate with heartfelt emotion and thought-provoking lyrics, creating a connection with listeners that transcends boundaries.

A Spiritual Guide:

Beyond the stage and studio, Dän serves as a pastor, offering spiritual guidance and wisdom to those seeking meaning and purpose in their lives. His years of pastoral experience have allowed him to touch the lives of countless individuals, providing them with a beacon of hope and a source of strength.

A Coach for Personal Empowerment:

Dän Zeltner's coaching expertise extends to helping individuals unlock their full potential and live their best lives. His coaching methods are rooted in empathy and a deep understanding of human nature, making him a sought-after mentor for those on a journey of personal growth.

Topics of Expertise:

  1. Music and Creativity: Dän shares his insights into the creative process, songwriting, and the power of music to convey messages of love, faith, and resilience.
  2. Spirituality and Faith: Drawing from his pastoral experience, Dän explores topics of faith, spirituality, and the pursuit of a meaningful life.
  3. Personal Growth and Empowerment: As a coach, Dän provides valuable strategies for self-discovery, personal development, and achieving one's goals.

Audience Connection:

Dän Zeltner's multifaceted background ensures that he can connect with diverse audiences. Whether through the universal language of music, the solace of spirituality, or the transformative power of personal coaching, Dän inspires and empowers those he interacts with.