OneHeart 2022

Praise and worship leaders, singers, musicians, technicians


October 14 - 18, 2022


From 1400 kr.

Events and resources that connect, inspire and develop musical and technical artists in the local church.

OneHeart is a conference that connects, inspires and develops musical and technical artists in the local church.  

When musical and technical artists become more efficient, the church becomes more efficient. Whether you come as a volunteer or staff member, OneHeart's goal is to provide skill development, fellowship with like-minded people, and inspiration. All of this contributes to local churches' teams of musical and technical artists becoming effective contributors to the church and local community.  


OneHeart is for you who are an artist within:



Head of eulogy

Sound engineer

Light technician



- or are just curious to work with artistic expression both inside and outside the church.

Again this year, there will be an opportunity to go home and serve at your local church on Sunday morning and make it back to the OneHeart22 program, which starts again in the afternoon.

OneHeart Kids

We have OneHeart Kids this year. It will be a fun environment where kids will experience different aspects of worship and music through instruments, Bible stories and movies. The age range is from 4 to 11 years old. The cost per child is 600 DKK, which includes accommodation, food and programme. We look forward to discovering the power of worship together.

We look forward to networking with you across our local churches and international networks!

This year's sub-theme is "a healthy, balanced life"
"I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you." Joyce Meyer
There is often great pressure and expectation associated with being in ministry in the church, let alone being a human being in our society. Unfortunately, we see both in society and in the church that many burn out or that we and our family pay a great price. Therefore, we want to focus on "a healthy, balanced life" so that we can serve our whole lives in a healthy and influential way. We have invited psychologists and experts to speak to us about serving and living a whole, healthy life in service so that neither your family nor you experience burnout.

In our preparation for OneHeart22, we as an initiative group experienced a strong sense of having to focus on encouraging and teaching worshipers to live whole, balanced lives.
To facilitate this we have invited 2 Keynote speakers:
Dr. Lavanya Dua (doctor and pastor) from the UK and Henning Nisgaard (Psychologist and lecturer) from Kolding

In addition to the recurring Masterclasses and Electives, this year we will introduce "technologist inspiration" which will introduce ways to develop creative expression in our worship services.
We will have both international and national trainers visiting. Including:
Sem Chaap
John Matts
Esben Engholm
Tyron Ivins
and others.

Lavanya Dua

Dr Lavanya Dua graduated from St Bartholomew's Hospital Medical School in London in 1983. She has been a GP for over 20 years including management roles. She is presently involved in pastoral care in a community setting, and has given seminars, run community workshops and taught at conferences in many areas of mental health combining science, psychology and spirituality. Over the past three decades as a medical doctor and wellness coach, she has helped thousands of people find emotional and physical healing, as well as freedom from fear, anxiety, depression and negative mindsets.

Henning Nisgaard

Henning Nisgaard has a degree in education. Psych. and has previously worked as a teacher in primary school and subsequently for a number of years as a headmaster at a secondary school. Henning has work experience from educational psychological counselling (PPR) in local government and from working in a residential institution for children and families.

Tyron Ivins

Tyron is passionate about God and all things creative, especially music and production. Some of his event highlights and roles included: Event Co-ordination &Production AriseFest New Year's Festival with an attendance of 1500 – 2500 people (2009 &2010) Production Manager at many sold out events at the 4500-seater CityHill Auditorium in South Africa Production manager on the only two Bethel Music Tours to South Africa (2015 &2016) Production Assistant, Jesus Culture Tour to South Africa (2012) Baptist World Alliance, Music Team Leader at this 3500-delegate conference hosted at the International Convention Centre in Durban. (2015) Training and consulting Between 2009 and 2019, a worship training ministry in South Africa called Arise Worship that offered training and consulting to hundreds of churches around South Africa and abroad. Arise Worship was a registered dealer of all major sound brands and offered installations and sales for churches ranging from small 100-seater venues up to thousand-seater venues. Music When it comes to music, he has a deep passion for both playing and creating. Some of his highlights include: Multiple tours with different bands around Africa and Europe Recording and releasing over 43 original songs Recording and producing various other artists. Development of Sonar Music Denmark.

Sem Schaap

Sem Schaap is a keyboardist, producer and songwriter. Born in The Netherlands, Sem served as the Music Director at LIFE Church in the UK for over 9 years and has a deep passion for building the local church and its worship teams.

Samuel Christiansen


Samuel is from Denmark and trained as a teacher. He works as a worship leader at the high school and in Kirkeibyen. Samuel leads the 'One Heart' network, which brings together worshippers from all over the country. He was previously a student at Bible school and spent a year in North Carolina at the Morning Star School & Ministries.

Esben Dulwich Engholm

Creative Lab leader, musician and songwriter

Esben is educated in creativity and innovation, he is an experienced worshipper and songwriter. With 22 years of experience in praise management and head of creative teams, he will equip the students to make an impression. Esben has a great passion for promoting praise nationally as well as internationally. In addition, Esben has a great ability to do this in both theory and practice, so they come together.