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Training (Acts 1)

What is Bible and Theology about?

About this course

In our Bible and Theology program, we want the Bible to come alive in a new way for you.

We will take a journey through the Bible, reviewing the story as it develops along the way. As we do this, we will draw on systematic theology and biblical theology to look at the major theological themes of Scripture. Systematic theology is primarily about fundamental truths presented in a topical arrangement, while biblical theology is more about the development of the major themes that hold the entire Bible together. Therefore, the question we will ask and answer will be: "What is the WHOLE Bible about?"

The Bible is a big book, in fact it is a library of 66 books, and it is easy to miss what it is really about. This course will give you a really good understanding of the Bible in its entirety. But the course is much more than that. When we study the Bible together, it will not only be about information, but primarily about revelation that leads to transformation. Jesus said we must know the truth, and the truth will set us free. The Apostle Paul also encourages us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

It is always a great joy to see a person's face light up when they hear a truth from the Bible that becomes a revelation. I know that in that moment there is a level of freedom.

The end goal of it all is to encounter God and the Father's love. In this time of confusion about identity and value, we want you to experience God's love and grace that will ultimately equip you for life in its entirety.

In this course, you will learn:

+ to understand the Bible in its entirety.
+ that the Bible is not just about information, but primarily about revelation that leads to transformation.

Meet your teachers

Neil Harvey


Neil is from Wales. He was pastor of the Apostolic Church in Wales for 10 years and pastor of Equippers Church for 5 years. He holds a BA in Christian Ministry from Bangor University and an MA in Missional Leadership from For Mission College.

What is Spiritual Intelligence about?

About this course

Spiritual Intelligence is a class where we focus on our relationship and walk with the Holy Spirit - the Spirit of God. We want you to be able to know and recognize His voice so that you can live a life guided and encouraged by the inspirations that the Holy Spirit gives - both in relation to your own life, but also so that you can be God's voice in your world.

God loves and cares for us, and it is through the Holy Spirit that He shows us this.

This class will help you become confident in your spiritual identity, know your calling and gifts, and know your spiritual authority and how to handle your anointing.

Spiritual Intelligence classes are a mix of teaching, demonstration and activations. Whether you are new to the Holy Spirit or have been walking with the Holy Spirit for decades, this class will encourage you to draw closer to God and intentionally bless those around you.

Spiritual Intelligence is about turning our heart and attention to God so that we can bring God's kingdom down to earth.

In this course, you will learn:

+ becoming secure in your spiritual identity
+ knowing your calling and gifts
+ knowing your spiritual authority and how to handle your anointing

Meet your teachers

Heidi Ravn


Heidi is from Denmark and is a trained coach. She leads our course "Spiritual Intelligence" where she teaches and activates the students. The Holy Spirit has given us all gifts to serve people and show God's love. Life becomes exciting when we are available to the leading of the Holy Spirit and boldly step out and activate the gifts to bring God's presence here on earth. Heidi also leads our morning devotions, mentoring and People Tools personal profile. Heidi has been associated with the school for over 15 years.

What is Coaching about?

About this elective

This elective will help you grow in your understanding of yourself and the people around you. It will provide you with coaching tools, mentoring skills and teach you how to walk alongside and lead others in your future work and ministry assignments.

People Tools

People Tools is a personality profile we will review.
The training will equip you to have a greater understanding of different personality types and celebrate the diversity that God has created. You will learn to accept and embrace your own and other people's characteristics and gifts. This will help you in the dynamics that arise in teams, in your relationships, your future work, education and ministry involvement, and will generally become a great resource in life.

Listening & Communication Skills

The ability to listen and communicate effectively and the barriers to this will be a central theme in this training. These skills create a foundation for trust and good relationships. The importance of being heard and listened to will be explored and we will look at what we need to be aware of in effective communication.

Psychological approaches to understanding people

The course will also include some psychological approaches to understanding what may be going on inside a person - emotionally and mentally. Our upbringing, our surroundings and our perception of the world affect us in different ways and can cause limitations or advantages in how we navigate life. This elective will equip you with greater insight into this, bring healing and clarity to you and equip you with tools on how to overcome some of these things. It will also equip you to walk alongside others and help them experience the freedom that God has for each of us.

Coaching & Mentoring

In relation to walking with others effectively, you will also learn what mentoring is, receive training on biblical mentoring that supports this, and you will be introduced to different coaching models and tools.
Coaching helps a person to set goals in life that will bring positive changes for e.g. personal development, project/business development or ministry development and the step-by-step process involved in this.
Coaching and mentoring skills are key skills when walking with others and will bring positive and measurable changes in their situation.

Field trips and group presentations

We will also take some time for road trips visiting a charity organisation and experience how a pastor, coach, or a psychologist work with people. This will give you the opportunity to ask all the questions you have and gain an understanding of how it is to journey with people in different environments or situations in society. At the end of the year, we will create time for group work and presentations tackling some of the current trends of problems people struggle with, and what can help them, drawing on research, the teaching and discussions from the year.

In this elective you will learn:

+ Listening skills
+ The art of asking questions
+ Communication - verbal and non-verbal
+ Giraffe and jackal language
+ Holistic view of people
+ Psychological approaches - insight into self and others
+ People Tools - personality profile
+ Mentoring
+ Biblical mentoring
+ Coaching models
+ Coaching tools

Meet your teachers

Karen Harvey


Karen has a passion for seeing people flourish and become all that God wants for them. She is Danish but has lived in the UK for 16 years, 10 years in Wales and 6 years in Surrey near London. Karen is a trained educator and has worked in this field for many years. She recently qualified as a therapist and has been working for a charity for the past few years. She was a pastor at Equippers Church in Surrey with a focus on pastoral care and mentoring.

What you get out of Life Skills

About this elective

A Life Mastery course gives you the opportunity to gain the tools to master life, experience meaning, belonging and being part of a larger community.

What you get out of Life Mastery

We want to strengthen the whole person. Strengthen your belief in yourself as being valuable, strengthen your understanding of yourself in community with others, and strengthen your belief and understanding of your value and identity in God.
Life mastery is about breaking patterns and inappropriate behaviors that prevent you from living life to the fullest. We all struggle with something: low self-esteem, lack of confidence, fear, anger, control issues, setting boundaries and more. These things affect our daily lives and our relationships with others - and can often be difficult to talk about and seek help for.
Life Mastery gives you the opportunity to zoom in and work on the things that are holding you back in a safe and supportive community through teaching, conversations, reflections and guidance in groups and individually in a safe and supportive environment.

We work with STEPS, which is a course that uses biblical principles to receive God's help to break patterns and overcome our unhelpful behaviors.
The basic principle behind STEPS is that we as humans are designed to live in peace. Peace with God, peace with ourselves and peace with the people around us. Some of us may have lost that peace through circumstances beyond our control. Maybe something happened to us when we were younger. Maybe we grew up in a home where our basic needs were not taken care of. For others, the lack of peace seems to come from the negative thought or behavioral pattern we're struggling with right now. Or sometimes life is just a lot more complicated than we thought it would be and what are we going to do about it?
STEPS is one way to deal with it, as this course seeks to restore that peace.

In the STEPS course, we look into our own lives and ask ourselves the following questions:
+ What are my values and do I live by them?
+ Are there patterns in the way I think, feel or react that are not helpful?
+ How do I establish new patterns to live life to the fullest?

In this elective you will learn:

+ Trusting God's care for you
+ Understanding yourself and your emotions
+ Working through your challenges
+ Making healthy life choices
+ Leading yourself

Duration and price

Read more at New student. Depending on your specific situation, there may be different options for financial support for your stay, either from your municipality, from pools at the school or other sources. Feel free to give us a call and talk to us about what it could look like for you in your situation.

Meet your teachers

Sara Hagen


Sara Hagen has worked with people from the youngest nursery school children to young adults and vulnerable women for many years. She loves walking with people and seeing them grow in faith in God and faith in themselves. Sara is a trained educator and is head of Life Skills at Acts Academy. She is also married to Stig Hagen. Together they have 3 adult children.

What is Communication & Storytelling about?

About this elective

Communication & Storytelling is all about developing yourself as a communicator!
There are many ways in which you can be an effective communicator: through public speaking, writing, and even through other creative expressions such as theater, music, art, dance, etc.
There are also many means of communication today that we must explore. From social media, video production, podcasting, blogging to old-fashioned live performances and much more.

In all these different expressions and means, there are 3 things that are necessary for an effective impact:

1. You need a message: Silence should only be broken if you have something important to say.

2. You needa story: A story is the most powerful way to tell the world about an idea (quote from Robert Mackie).

3. You need training: Communication works for those who work at it (quote from John Powell).

Every person in the world has a lifetime of stories inside them, waiting for the opportunity to be set free. Your voice matters and your stories make a difference. This is what Communication & Storytelling is all about: giving you a place and the tools to share ideas and meaningful stories so you can have an impact by offering transformative experiences to whomever will listen.

If you take this elective, you will learn how to become a better public speaker and/or writer. You'll also dive into the world of storytelling and develop your ability to share meaningful ideas through gripping narratives. You will also have opportunities to speak/share from the stage and share your personal world with an audience through creative works. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to develop individual/group projects where you can engage more with contemporary means of communication.

In this elective you will:

+ Tips to become an effective and motivating
public speaker
+ Tips to become a better writer
+ Tips to perform better on stage
+ Basic skills related to Storytelling
+ Insight into using at least one contemporary communication tool
(social media, blog, video, podcast, etc.)
+ Help to find your voice

Meet your teachers

Kate Favre Guldberg


Kate is from Switzerland and is responsible for Communication & Storytelling. She is a skilled and sought-after communicator. In addition, she teaches leadership and other personal faith topics. Kate is also studying theology.

Leadership & Innovation

About this elective

It all comes down to leadership and whether your skills in this area have been developed and shaped by others who know leadership in practice. Jesus led the way as the ultimate example of a great leader. He created a team that changed the world through their courage and innovation. But it didn't start there; they started out fearful and uncontrolled. Great leaders aren't born, they are shaped and developed. That's what we do at Acts Academy.

We invite you to join a track where you learn about leadership, being authentic, building dynamic teams, resolving conflict, creating and transforming culture and bringing a vision from dream to reality. Whether you want to start a new association, a church, a business or just become a better leader in the church or society, you will get the tools from the best leaders from an international network of both churches and business.

At Acts Academy, future leaders for communities, churches and society are shaped. Through theory, companionship, mentoring and practical application, we create leaders who can show courage, take responsibility, build teams, develop people and create change.

We mean it when we say we want to develop and bring out the best in you. In an environment with high ceilings, a clear framework and an expectation of personal empathy, as well as a desire to learn and develop, you will develop into a leader who can be innovative, courageous and able to make an impact.

In Leadership and Innovation, we work with leadership in three areas: Leading yourself, leading others and leading in context. Each area is touched on several times throughout the year. We work with courses of about three weeks at a time, where we teach, do group assignments, reflect, work in mentor groups, etc. We want to leave room to work with the material in both theory and practice. Therefore, project management will also be taught, and there will be various leadership challenges, such as leading the mission trip. During the year, there will be three written assignments (approx. 1,000 words), which can be written in Danish or English.

There are no requirements for prior management experience, but we expect everyone to work seriously with the subject and be open to learning. A compendium of material for preparation and further self-study will be provided.

In this elective you will learn:

+ Leading yourself
+ Leading others
+ Leading in context

Meet your teachers

Neil Harvey


Neil is from Wales. He was pastor of the Apostolic Church in Wales for 10 years and pastor of Equippers Church for 5 years. He holds a BA in Christian Ministry from Bangor University and an MA in Missional Leadership from For Mission College.

What is Creative Lab about?

About this elective

Creative Lab is designed for musicians, singers and producers. At Creative Lab you have the opportunity to develop your creativity in music, singing, songwriting, production and performance.
The year plan is designed to take you step by step into a development around your talent. We focus on developing creativity inspired by different art forms, including theater, stage performance and poetry. We then use the inspiration we receive to create our own expressions through new songs, new arranged covers and more. This way we ensure that the inspiration we take in also has an output.

Once a song has been written, we focus on the production. We spend time in our own studio with professional producers, where we go through the entire production process. In addition, the school's own studio is available to Creative Lab students throughout the year, even outside of the scheduled classes. We also spend a lot of time outside of class creating, writing, recording and producing what we have been working on.
At selected events (open mic nights, special events) we will take the opportunity to showcase our songs and works. In addition, some weeks are spent working with a physical theater teacher where we work with the expression we have on stage.
During the year, time is spent creating and preparing works for performance. This gives students hands-on experience in designing, planning and executing to perform and create an atmosphere.


Creative Lab students perform at various events at Acts Academy. The events are evenings focused around performance, such as Open Mic Nights, concerts, etc. Your teachers will help you create a piece that suits you and your level. However, it is the student's responsibility to manage their schedule, which means that the student must set aside time to rehearse in order to be ready to perform at these events.


Acts Academy and Creative Lab are hosting OneHeart, a conference for worship and tech teams. OneHeart brings together worship teams from churches both in Denmark and abroad. They gather for a week of networking, training and the opportunity to learn from leaders in various creative fields relevant to the local church.

* Creative Lab students are participants at the conference. For OneHeart, it is part of their course and program.

Songwriting camp

It brings together professional Danish and international songwriters and producers across denominations. The songwriting camp is held in January at Acts Academy. Here, new songs are written that can be used across churches in Denmark. As a Creative Lab student, you will have the opportunity to work with professionals in songwriting and production. In addition, you'll gain invaluable experience and the opportunity to network with professionals in the field. Who knows - maybe you'll help create the next great Danish worship song?

* Creative Lab students attend the songwriting camp as part of their course and program.

Equipment requirements

In the school's studio, we have Logic and Ableton available for use. It is recommended that you bring your own instrument and laptop, preferably equipped with a DAW program such as Logic or Ableton. The school has several instruments that can be borrowed, but not for a full school year. It is therefore preferable to bring your own instrument.

Study trip

Every other year we go on a study trip, where we visit churches and other places. There is a lot of great music around the world, so we want to experience what's happening in other parts of the world. A study tour will typically include theater, live music, concerts and church visits. We spend time with producers in their studios, enjoy architecture and other aspects of creativity that inspire us as music makers.  

Mission trips

All students go on mission trips where we go out and help organizations in different countries. On the mission trip, we like to equip Creative Lab students with works they can perform. The goal is to share the gospel, focusing on communicating across language barriers. It is usually the Creative Lab students who lead worship during the mission trips.

In this elective you will learn:

+ The process of producing a song from idea to release
+ Tools to get into the creative process faster
+ Believing in yourself as an artist
+ Improving your songwriting skills

Meet your teachers

Esben Dulwich Engholm


Esben is educated in creativity and innovation. He is an experienced worship pastor and songwriter. With over 22 years of experience in worship leadership and leading creative teams, Esben will equip students to make their own mark. Esben has a great passion for promoting worship nationally and internationally.
Esben manages to combine theory and practice so that they come together.

What do we want with the Global University and Study elective?

About this elective

Acts Academy students who are in love with the Bible and want to dive even deeper into their theological understanding now have the opportunity to study toward a certificate or bachelor's degree in Bible and Theology with Global University. At Acts Academy, you'll find a faith-based environment with a great study atmosphere.
For students who choose the Global University option, we offer intensive coaching in our electives. You will be introduced to your unique learning style and find the most effective study technique for you. You will learn to think both critically and creatively, and you will acquire new tools and methods to read and interpret both the Bible and theological writings at a deeper level.
We equip you not only to succeed in your Global University studies, but also to develop the mindset and skills of a lifelong learner. This means you will not only excel in any study environment, but also be able to communicate what you have learned to your church and inspire your community.

In this elective you will learn:

+ study practice
+ think critically and creatively
+ acquire new tools and methods to read and interpret the Bible and theological texts on a new level

Meet your teachers

Stig Hagen


Stig is Academic Dean at Acts Academy with a Master's degree in Leadership and Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is an entrepreneur with several years of experience as a general manager, organizational leader and pastor. Stig is also deeply involved in missions in Eastern Europe and East Africa and has served as a missionary in Tanzania. His passion is to see people discover and develop their potential and experience a deep relationship with the Triune God. Sometimes you will also find Stig leading in worship. He is married to Sara, who also teaches at the school, and together they have 3 adult children.

Bachelor of Bible and Theology with Global University

Study Bible and Theology with Global University and Acts Academy and follow the undergraduate courses towards a certificate or bachelor's degree.

We have partnered with Global University to offer the opportunity to study at the undergraduate level and earn credits towards an accredited program for those students who desire it. Studying Bible and Theology at Acts Academy allows you to learn about God in a faith-based environment. You will follow the general Acts Academy curriculum, but will also receive extra assignments to complete for the Global University program.

This is a great opportunity for Acts Academy students to dive even deeper into the Bible, study theology at the university level, and work towards a certificate or bachelor's degree. Read more here.

Acts year 1

Module 1
+ Spiritual Intelligence
+ Formation
+ Introduction to the Old Testament
+ Hermeneutics: Understanding the Bible
+ Theology: Humanity and Sin

Module 2
Spiritual Intelligence
+ Church History: Church History: Pentecost to the Reformation
+ Ministry: The Great Commission
+ Introduction to the New Testament
+ Theology: Salvation

Module 3

+ Spiritual Intelligence
+ Society  

Acts year 2*

Module 1
+ Compact course
- Acts of the Apostles
- The Bible and the Church
+ Preparation and preaching of biblical messages
+ Paul's salvation letters: Galatians and Romans

Module 2
+ Compact course
- The Pentateuch
+ The Bible and mission
Civilization: The French Revolution and until today

Module 3
+ compact course
- People and their faith
+ Apologetics

* Subject to change without notice.

Acts year 3*

Module 1
+ compact course
- cristology
- wisdom literature
+ pneumatology
+ intercultural communication

Module 2
+ 12-week internship

Module 3
+ compact course
- The Corinthian Letters
+ Introduction to Philosophy

*Following coming in 2024.
Right to change reserved.

The way to

Church involvement

Acts Academy is the church's training ground and the place where employees and leaders can get relevant training for their personal life and development - which is therefore also relevant to the churches. We call it Church-Based Bible school.
In class and in daily life, the local church and service play a major role; you can notice the close connection and collaboration between the school and church.

Internship in your own local church

To ensure maximum benefit from the teaching we provide at Acts Academy, we make agreements with local churches about internships. This takes place Friday-Sunday and is based on an agreement between the student, the local church and Acts Academy. The agreement includes a description of tasks, expected follow-up, finances, weekend accommodation and anything else that is relevant to create a good and beneficial internship experience for both the church and the student.

Where internships are not possible with your own local church, agreements are made with other churches. Some students are involved in the Church City, including the great social work that is carried out, but this also depends on agreements on content and framework.

Most students return on Sunday evening and participate in the Church City's evening service as far as possible.

"The internship was an opportunity for me to be stretched in my capacity. I felt God speaking to me to 'make myself available to the body' and although there was some discomfort associated with being stretched, I have experienced God's pleasure in my obedience."


Especially for pastors and other leaders in congregations

In churches, there are many volunteers who make a great effort. No church wants to be without their talented people for a long time. In fact, many churches say that they want their best people to become even better! That's why it has become popular to have 'interns', another word for a one-year employee.

We offer a setup that accommodates this thinking. Four days a week, we offer top-class education here at the school. It's education that strives to give students a healthy identity, a faith foundation in life, orderliness, Christlikeness, relationship building skills and an understanding of their calling and gifts in life. The teaching is life-oriented and practical. We put it this way: We give them impressions that change their expression and enable them to make an impact and inspire them to follow Jesus everywhere in society.

It is our expectation that you as churches are close to the student and give them input and feedback on their internship. In this way, you will remain close to the student and enjoy the development that happens in the individual - and in your church.

It's a win-win.

Pastors, youth leaders, etc. are welcome to contact us to learn more about this collaboration.

"It has been great to have Daniel as an intern at Silkeborg Frikirke. Throughout the entire process, the school's desire to support the life of the local church has been evident in the approach to the tasks that Daniel had to solve. As a local church, it is super valuable to get a student in an internship who has both the skills AND the heart to serve locally. We would do it again!"

Christian Tycksen

Personal Development

When you choose to be a student at the school, you also have the opportunity to develop yourself personally.
We offer a recognized personality profile. It gives you insight into your strengths, how you work best and also provides an overview of your talents. You will be able to use your personality profile even after your time as a student when applying for jobs, finding education or serving in your local church.

We work with People Tools and use their tools and profiles developed in Denmark. The questionnaire and the resulting profile not only tells us about your personality, but also how you work best with others and in teams. The profile can be an eye-opener and gives you the opportunity to work on yourself. You will be offered individual conversations about your profile if you want to develop specific talents and aspects of yourself.

The People Tools profile is also used in some of the various electives.

Individual mentoring conversations

We mean it when we say we want to develop and bring out the best in you!

To ensure the best possible development of our students, we offer all second-year students individual mentoring sessions. As a first-year student, you can also request individual interviews.

Mentoring is offered to help you reach your personal goals. You meet with your mentor for approx. 45 minutes every two weeks. The mentor is the student's contact person at the school and therefore follows the student closely. Your mentor will help you reach your goals and develop your potential. You will be given concrete tools that will allow you to become the best version of the person God has created you to be.

Supervisor in internship

We mean it when we say we want to develop and bring out the best in you!

All students are assigned a supervisor during their internship. These supervisors will also be there to give you input and feedback on what you're working on. They will guide you so that you understand your role in the internship and have the best opportunities to succeed and develop.

Life Groups

All students are part of a life group, where you meet with a smaller group at school with whom you share life and talk faith. This helps everyone to know someone and feel a sense of belonging, while also being able to spar, share experiences and encourage each other. It is in community that we grow and thrive.

Traveling is an adventure!

Several times a year we travel. The trips provide some unique experiences, often in a foreign culture, in unfamiliar surroundings, and under conditions that are different from what we are used to. It brings us closer together, teaches us new things, and gives us new experiences and friends for life.

Study Trips

In the fall, the focus is on the study trip. We work to ensure that these trips support the teaching. In recent years we have traveled to Scotland, Israel, Italy.

Study trips in the fall typically last 5-7 days and cost DKK 3,000-5,000.

Mission Trips

Travel is an adventure, but it's more than that. It's an outreach to the local churches in the countries we visit. We want all students to choose one of the few trips we offer, so they can get out and put into practice the things they've learned at Acts Academy.

Of course, we come with a generous and serving spirit and help out wherever we are needed. We tend to get involved in practical work, social work, prison ministry, teaching, worship, intercession and much more. It's a great opportunity to give and learn across cultures and backgrounds.

We partner with churches and organizations around the world and choose different destinations from year to year. As the student has to pay for the trip themselves, there will be a cheaper trip in Europe and a slightly more expensive one to Africa or Asia. When possible, we stay with private families wherever we arrive.

Mission trips in the spring typically last 8-16 days and cost DKK 3,000-10,000.

Ski trips

We return to Stöten in Sweden for another unforgettable ski trip in week 5! After last year's amazing experience, where 65 participants broke boundaries and embarked on new adventures on skis, we're ready to repeat the success. Whether you're an experienced skier or a complete beginner, there's room for you in our group. We promise fun moments on the slopes, cozy breaks with hot waffles and a strong sense of community.

The People's Festival

Acts Academy participates in the largest political festival in Denmark - Folkemødet on Bornholm in June. It is a large event with many people, where there is ample opportunity to discuss politics and values, but also to listen to different attitudes towards life. We help out in the 'Between Heaven and Earth' tent, where we help organize and host exciting debates. It's a great opportunity as a Bible school student to reflect on the society you are a part of, but also to be a part of the expression of society with your faith and the learning you have gained from Bible school.

Impact weeks

Acts Academy offers exciting Impact courses throughout the year. These are weeks where classes are open to guests and focus on one central theme, often taken from one of the three tracks. The teaching will be shared by everyone and will come from competent and inspiring guest speakers from home and abroad.

Most Impact courses start Monday morning at 8.15 am and end Friday morning with breakfast. However, each course is slightly different, so stay informed here on the website, through our newsletter or on Facebook.

So far, the following are scheduled for 2023/24:

OneHeart23 is four jam-packed and wildly inspiring days at the start of the fall break for creative people and performers. These include songwriters, worshipers, musicians, sound and lighting engineers and producers.

Keys to Freedom. Many struggle with mental health, emotional wounds and negative thought patterns that keep them trapped instead of thriving in the freedom God has for them. Keys to Freedom is a conference that focuses on seeing people set free, healed and equipped for ministry in this area.

Listen!is a week of teaching on living a prophetic life. No matter what you do in life, God's gift to those around us is that we listen to Him and pass on the hope and freedom that comes from the Father's heart to those around us. Spring.

Songwriting Camp We're bringing together the great creative forces to unite around music in our churches nationally. We do this because we want to see revival in our country, so we not only work on translating the great songs we know from the US and Australia, but also seek God for what He wants to say to His church and His people right now in Denmark.

Youth Camp is the end of the school year and runs alongside the Apostolic Church's Summer Camp. It is a camp for young people between 17 ½ and about 30 years old.