When the money has to go further.

Funding your stay at Bible School

For Danish students and students from European countries, the stay is paid on an ongoing basis. Please plan your stay well in advance so that you have the opportunity to get the economy in place as well.


Having saved up money is clearly the best way of funding your stay thereby not having to worry about the economy. A good way to do this is to work, for example during the summer holidays, before you start or while in high school.

Support from your local church, family or friends

Many churches would like to support a Bible school student, because your training is also a plus for the congregation.
In addition, it is not uncommon for Bible school students to receive financial support from family or friends.
This can be both as a lump sum or on a monthly basis.


As a last resort to fund your stay, you may want to consider a loan, private or in the bank. Your total cost of a one-year Bible school stay is approximately DKK 60,000 without pocket money.


There are a few opportunities to get financial support for a folk high school, which this Bible school is. As a rule, it will require an interview with the case manager or an application:

SU, state training aid

Unfortunately, semesters at a folk high school do not qualify for SU.
If you already receive SU and have the opportunity to attend a folk high school stay at the same time, you can maintain your SU. For example, it may be if you are on maternity leave or in the process of writing your final assignment.

Student Fund

The college has a student fund where you can apply for financial support after the first semester. The aid is awarded on the basis of a personal application andamong othersdepends on the number of applicants. The student fund is only a help and can never pay for the entire stay.

Young people under the age of 25 and on benefits

If you are under 25 years of age and have become unemployed, you can get 50% of the highest benefit rate for up to 6 months. You must continue to be available to the labour market according to the general rules, and thus be willing to interrupt your stay if you get a job.

On cash assistance, training assistance or integration benefit

If you are on cash assistance, educational assistance or integration benefit, you are allowed to go to high school on your own and continue to receive your benefit. This means that you pay for the school stay yourself and you must continue to be available for the labour market as long as you are in the school. 

However, you also apply to go to a folk high school in connection with activation. Contact your job consultant or case worker at the municipality.

All Denmark

If you live in the Faroe Islands or Greenland (between 18 and 25 years old) you have the opportunity to apply for support for up to 20 weeks of your stay. The amount of the aid is currently DKK 700 per week. The application deadline is 1 April for support for the autumn course and 1 October for support for the spring course.
Before you can apply for funding from the Commonwealth Pool, you must be admitted as a student to the school. This means that the first step is to contact the school.

Contact Us!  

You are always welcome to contact usif you are unsure whether your particular situation may warrant any support.