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Our vision

We create an environment where you grow inward and are transformed outward, to go onward to impact the world for Christ.


Knowing yourself, your identity, and God as your father is essential to a life of balance and harmony. At Acts Academy, we start with your inner life and lay a solid foundation!

"God has done more in me than I could have imagined. He showed me what I'm good at and how to use it practically, and my life has taken a new direction."



At Acts Academy, we will help you discover your calling and your potential in church and in society. You can choose one of three streams that will challenge you and develop your skills. Read about our exciting streams below!

""Service involvement is where I've been able to take teaching and theory and use it practically, and by doing that I've learned a lot."



When we meet other people, we build friendships and are challenged to change our behavior and attitude. At Acts Academy, your character is shaped, and you will learn to build meaningful relationships.

"Today I'm more free and open when I meet new people, and I really enjoy talking to people or just serving them."


We offer you a unique experience of in-depth Bible teaching and a close relationship with God, which together with involvement in church life creates an environment where the growth of your life is given very special conditions.

Autumn semester

August-Dec (18 weeks)
Price: 26.100 DKK

Module 1

Relevant training with topics such as:
+ How to read the Bible
+ Introduction to the Old Testament
+ Personal and spiritual formation
+ Theology


You can choose between Creative lab, Communication and Storytelling, Leadership and Innovation, Coaching or Life Skills.

Study trip

In the fall, students travel with their electives.


OneHeart, Keys to Freedom, Free Church Leadership Conference and more.

Spring semester

January-July (26 weeks)
Price: 37.700 DKK

Module 2+3

Relevant teaching with topics such as:
+ Introduction to the New Testament
+ Church History
+ Missional Theology


You can choose between Creative lab, Communication and Storytelling, Leadership and Innovation, Coaching or Life Skills.

Mission trip

In the spring of 2024, we are going on 3 mission trips. You can choose between trips in Europe or Asia/Africa.


Songwriting camp, Listen!

Greetings from our

Creative Lab

"Being surrounded by many caring and supportive people gave me a new understanding of how I can use my music to communicate God's love."


We mean it when we say we want to develop and bring out the best in you. In an environment with high ceilings, a clear framework and an expectation of personal empathy and a desire to learn and develop, you will work with others to develop both theory and talent so that they come together.

You will be challenged to develop your art form, your performance, your creativity and your production skills. Welcome to the Creative Lab workshop!

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Communication & Storytelling

"Being part of this stream has helped me become more comfortable in a speaking and developing my writing."


We invite you to become part of a track where you will learn the art of communication and rhetoric and its historical significance. You will gain the tools to become a better communicator both in writing and orally and to both large and small audiences. You'll learn principles of faith defense and how to tell the gospel to different audiences in ways that create awareness and change.

Learn the art of communication in writing and speaking and give yourself the tools to become a communicator who creates change and makes an impact.

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Leadership & Innovation

"I received the right tools and gained practical experience that makes me better equipped to lead my youth group."


At Acts Academy, future leaders are shaped for communities, churches and societies. Through theory, discipleship, mentoring and practical application, we create leaders who can demonstrate courage, take responsibility, build teams, develop people and create change.

We mean it when we say we will develop and bring out the best in you. In an environment where there are high expectations, clear boundaries and an expectation of personal empathy, as well as a desire to learn and grow, you will develop into a leader who can be innovative, courageous and able to make an impact.

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Life Skills

"Being part of this stream has helped me reflect on my past, my good and bad habits, thought patterns, and with input from others has given me insight into what I sometimes do that is not good for myself and how I can do things differently to have a better and healthier life."


A life enrichment programme where community, education, shared activities, games, outings and fun with a lot of new people are the focus.

The Life Mastery Programme is part of a high school course. Some of the time you follow the lessons in Livsmestring. The rest of the time you are with the other students, including classes on theology, society, Bible, communication, etc. and our morning gatherings.

All of this will reinforce some of the life skills and insights that are relevant in your daily life, but also when you want to actively engage in society.

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