Listen 2024!

Experience strength and growth in your prophetic ministry


April 28 - May 2, 2024


From 1,749 kr.

A special week of powerful prophetic worship, time in God's presence, prophetic ministry and inspiring teaching on living prophetically and being able to make an impact in your world.

Develop and make an impact with your prophetic ministry!

At the "LISTEN24" conference, you will receive teaching and input from different prophets who are living out their calling and multiplying daily in each of their areas of influence.

This week is made up of a mix of classes, workshops and panels. Of course, you will also be activated! Through workshops we will activate what we have heard and learned, try it out and gain experience ourselves. In the panels, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and listen to the different representatives' views, their mistakes and their personal experiences.

Here are the areas we would like to focus on for this conference:

  • Different expressions of the prophetic ministry: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Samuel, Daniel and other biblical prophets show different types and expressions of being prophets. Are there still different types and expressions of prophetic ministry today? How can we recognize the core of being a prophet? Which type of prophet do you most identify yourself with?
  • How apostles and prophets can serve together: The Bible tells us that the Church is to be built on the foundation of apostles and prophets! Where they work together in unity, there is growth. What does that look like today? How can apostles and prophets respect each other and make room for each to do their part?
  • Develop your prophetic ministry inside and outside the church: One is to focus on equipping and training the church to hear God's voice. The other is to boldly be His voice in our daily lives and wherever we are (family, workplace, etc.) and bring His wisdom and insight into situations we experience.
  • Learn to pray prophetically and inspired: Nothing happens without prayer, prophets are also improvers, we must position ourselves as watchmen on the wall and improvers who hear and see what God intends to do, so we can strategically prophesy and act on what we experience!
  • Sharpen your prophetic accuracy: Together we grow and reach further, we need to be accountable to other prophets and ministries so we can stay healthy and mature in ministry. We are all one body with different functions, we need each other.
  • Take responsibility for your ministry: We often receive prophetic words and then wait for God to make them happen. But we need to align and prepare ourselves in order, for the prophetic words to happen. What is the next step for you? 



- Andries Van Heerden, ZA

- Christine Larkin, UK

- Johannes Hansen, DK

- Lars Bo Olesen, DK

- Kate Favre Guldberg, CH

- Heidi Ravn, DK



Start: Sunday, April 28 at 16:00

Ends: Thursday, May 2 at 16:00



If you have allergies or anything else that requires a special diet, there will be an additional cost associated with it. You are also welcome to bring your own food, which can be prepared in our student kitchen.

Please contact us if you are unsure about anything.

Andries Van Heerden

Pastor of Emmanuel Church

Andries Van Heerden and his wife, Christiane, are senior pastors at Emmanuel Church in Louis Trichardt, Limpopo, South Africa. He has a recognized prophetic service both in South Africa and in other countries. He is an accomplished communicator with great understanding of people, the local church and has prophetic influence. Andries is part of South Africa's prophetic 'Round Table', which publishes the book, 'God Said', every year.

Christine Larkin

Christine has traveled for many years with her teaching and prophetic ministry. She is the founder and director of Restoration House, a relational network of churches in the UK, Ireland and the USA. Christine is part of Kingdom Connections, an apostolic relational team that provides strategic support and mentoring to churches, leaders and ministries. Christine has a passion for building relationships across church denominations. She is married to John, who provides pastoral support to Restoration House churches. They have three grown sons and seven grandchildren.

Johannes Hansen

Johannes is a theologian with a master's degree in theology and a bachelor's degree in Religious Studies from the University of Aarhus. He has been in full-time ministry close to 35 years. Involved in church planting and leadership of several churches. He is a former national leader of the Apostolic Church in Denmark and co-founder of "Frikirkenet". Besides being a pastor and supervisor, he also serves as an international leader and mentor for RCCM churches in Pakistan, a network of 212 new churches in Pakistan and the Middle East.

Kenneth Decker

Kenneth is part of the pastoral team in the Apostolic Church "KBH Frikirke" as Executive Pastor. Kenneth is a unique combination of an orderly person with attention to detail and quality and a prophetic ministry. He is passionate about people finding the gifts God has placed in them and using them. He is co-responsible for the Prophetic Workshop in KBH Frikirke. Kenneth is married to Julie. Together with Julie, he was a student at Acts Academy in 22/23.

Lars Bo Olesen


Lars has been the director of Acts Academy since August 2020. He is also the lead pastor of Åbenkirke in Herning. Lars is an inspiring communicator and a skilled visionary leader. He was chairman of Frikirkenet for a number of years and played a crucial role in the creation of "Himmelske Dage på Heden" in Herning in 2019. In this connection, he was also the initiator of "The Heavenly Show" in Jyske Bank Boxen. He sees both the big and the small lines, but he likes the big brush strokes and the freedom to think new and pioneer.

Heidi Ravn


Heidi is from Denmark and a trained coach. She leads our course "Spiritual Intelligence". Where she teaches and activates the students. The Holy Spirit has given us all gifts to minister to people and show God's love. Life becomes exciting when we are available to the leading of the Holy Spirit, and boldly step out and activate the gifts to bring God's presence here on earth. Heidi also leads our Morning Devotions, mentoring and People Tools person profile. Heidi has been associated with the school for over 15 years.

Heidi is a teacher at the Bible school and leads the course 'Spiritual intelligence', where students are given both the biblical foundation of the Holy Spirit's function, as well as the opportunity to grow in the use of the Holy Spirit's gifts. She has a great passion to see individuals succeed in communicating God's love through prophetic encouragement, guidance and power.

Kate Favre Guldberg


Kate is from Switzerland. She is responsible for 'The Imprint' Communication & Storytelling. In addition, she teaches leadership and other topics around personal faith. She is a skilled and sought-after communicator. Kate is also studying theology.