Living Together

Community is at the heart of
Acts Academy !

Living together

The cohousing community is a natural part of a stay at a folk high school. You get to know each other well, and the stay gives you the opportunity to work on the unfulfilled sides of yourself and your character. It also provides an opportunity to encourage and bring out the best in each other. Many people experience the joy of being part of an environment where they are there for each other and help each other to grow and develop. In addition, the cohousing community provides an opportunity for a whole lot of fun and socializing in the midst of everyday life. For many, staying at the Bible school is the beginning of lifelong friendships.

World-class gourmet!

We have hired two chefs who, each in their own way, make the mealtime community something special. They don't just cook healthy, nutritious and extremely tasty food, they do it with love and passion. It's a pure pleasure when they serve their latest creations. Chef Rasmus Mortensen has also created a great atmosphere in the large communal dining room. It just has to be experienced!

Practical work

Part of your development! When we work on practical tasks, it's also a way to honor each other, a way to steward what we've been entrusted with, and it makes school a nicer place to be.

Serving - even where most people don't notice - is an opportunity to see what no one else sees. Practical work is part of everyone's everyday life, just like it is for the rest of their lives. That's why every student has some practical tasks to do every day during lunch or after school.

Types of Tasks

The daily tasks are mainly cleaning, serving and dishwashing. Cleaning includes common areas such as vacuuming the stairwell, washing floors, cleaning toilets and showers. The kitchen staff serves morning coffee and lunch (hot food),
and in the mornings and evenings the students prepare the food. Washing up after meals is also the students' task.


Throughout the year, the school hosts major events. For us, it is an opportunity to bring people together, give them a good experience and bring them closer to God.
Students serve in various tasks when we have these events. Expect 3-4 larger events and a number of smaller events/gatherings.
Together, we do our best to maintain a good standard and ensure that all guests feel welcome.


Being a student at a folk high school also means that you spend your free time together. It is largely the students' responsibility to decide what to do in their free time. There are many possibilities:

Fitness and sports provide energy and community. This can be done in the school's small fitness room, in the hall or simply in the fantastic surroundings, where it is easy to make use of, for example, your running shoes.

Movies, games and fun can easily take place in our newly designed dining hall, the students' living room or in the rooms. During the summer, the school's park is also an ideal place for socializing.

The library provides the opportunity to find the next good book, create a good study environment or just be where you find peace and quiet.

Kolding city, beach and the mall are favorite destinations for a shared trip. It's just a few kilometers to the center of Kolding with its shops, cafés and city atmosphere.

Small groups in the church we encourage everyone to join - or start! It's a great way to grow together and get to know people outside the house.

Everyone is involved in church activities. There are opportunities to serve in a wide range of activities that take place on weekdays after school.

Dates & Prices

School year

The school year consists of a fall semester and a spring semester. We suggest that you aim to take a full year at Bible college. In fact, there may be good reasons to take two years! It allows you to go deeper in your studies and take on more responsibility in your church internship.

The fall semester starts August 17, 2024 and ends December 19, 2024
(18 weeks)

The price is calculated per week, 1,450 DKK. The price includes tuition, board and lodging in a double room. For day students - i.e. students who do not live at the school - the price per week is 1,180 DKK.
The first installment is due on 1 September.

Single room supplement, per week, DKK 250 and upwards.
Study trip is paid separately.

Autumn term, 19 weeks, total
Autumn term day students, total
Single room, extra cost per week from

26,100 DKK
21,240 DKK
250 DKK

Spring semester starts January 6, 2024 and ends July 12, 2024 (26 weeks)

The price is calculated per week, 1,450 DKK. The price includes tuition, board and lodging in a double room. For day students - that is, students who do not live at the school - the price per week is DKK 1,300. The first installment is due February 1.

Single room supplement, per week, DKK 250 and upwards.
Mission trip is paid separately.

Spring semester, 25 weeks, total
Spring semester day student, total
Single room, extra price per week from

37.700 DKK (6 installments of 6.284 DKK)
33.800 DKK (6 installments of 5.634 DKK)
250 DKK

Special offer for families

Accompanying spouse, board & lodging, per week
(who is not a student at the school)

Children (board & lodging)
0-2 years
3-6 years
7+ years

635 DKK

155,00 DKK
235,00 DKK
340,00 DKK

The price is calculated per week and charged monthly.
Couples are accommodated in 1 room. For 1-2 children, married couples are allocated an extra room at no extra cost.

Payment Options

At the school office you can pay with Dankort, Mastercard, Maestro and Visa. It is also possible to use MobilePay 48562, remember to write what the payment is for.

In addition, you can use bank transfer:

The school's account number is: 1569 0003057852
IBAN: DK9530000003057852

If a registration is canceled up to 2 weeks before the start of the course, there is an administration fee of DKK 400, and if you cancel less than 2 weeks before the start of the course, there is no refund.


Funding your stay at Bible School

For Danish students and students from European countries, the stay is paid on an ongoing basis. Please plan your stay well in advance so that you have the opportunity to get the economy in place as well.


Having saved up money is clearly the best way of funding your stay thereby not having to worry about the economy. A good way to do this is to work, for example during the summer holidays, before you start or while in high school.

Support from your network

Many churches would like to support a Bible school student, because your training is also a plus for the congregation.
In addition, it is not uncommon for Bible school students to receive financial support from family or friends.
This can be both as a lump sum or on a monthly basis.


As a last resort to fund your stay, you may want to consider a loan, private or in the bank. Your total cost of a one-year Bible school stay is approximately DKK 60,000 without pocket money.


There are a few opportunities to get financial support for a folk high school, which this Bible school is. As a rule, it will require an interview with the case manager or an application:

SU, the state education grant

Unfortunately, being a student at the Bible school does not entitle you to SU. If you are already receiving SU and have the opportunity to attend a Bible school course at the same time, you can keep your SU. This may be the case, for example, if you are on maternity leave or writing your final assignment.

Student fund

The College has a student fund where you can apply for financial support after your first semester. Funding is awarded on the basis of  personal application and depends, among other things, on the number of applicants. The student fund is only a help along the way and can never pay for the entire stay.

Young people under 25 and on unemployment benefits

If you are under 25 and have become unemployed, you can receive 50% of the highest unemployment benefit rate for up to 6 months. You must still be available to the labor market according to the general rules and thus be willing to interrupt your stay if you find work.

On social assistance, educational assistance or integration benefit.

If you are on social assistance, educational assistance or integration benefit, you are allowed to attend folk high school on your own and continue to receive your benefit. This means that you must pay for the school stay yourself, and you must continue to be available to the labor market while attending folk high school.

However, you can also apply to attend folk high school in connection with activation. Contact your job consultant or caseworker at the municipality.

All Denmark

If you live in the Faroe Islands or Greenland (aged between 18 and 25), you can apply for support for up to 20 weeks of your stay. The support currently amounts to DKK 700 per week. The application deadline is 1 April for the autumn course and 1 October for the spring course.
Before you can apply for support from the National Community Fund, you must be enrolled as a student at the school. This means that the first step is to contact the school.


Students from Denmark or Europe do not need a visa to attend a Bible school in Denmark.

However, if you or someone you know would like to attend Acts Academy, and is not a citizen of EU/EEA you must apply for a visa before the start of the course.

Expect the process to take about 3 months. Acts Academy cannot pre-empt this process.

1. Apply to become a student
Before you can apply for a visa, you must first be accepted as a student at the school. You can apply here. Please note that for foreign students we also ask for a reference from your pastor, youth leader or similar.

2. Obtain the recommendation form from your pastor, youth leader, etc.

3rd interview

4. Admission
Wait for the school's reply. If you have been admitted, it is time to move on in the process.

5. Payment for the entire course
If you have been accepted to the desired course, you must pay for the entire stay before you can apply for a visa. Once we have received the full payment, we will send you a receipt for your payment.

Once we have received the payment, we can start the visa application process.

6. Applying for a visa
Next, the school can complete its part of the application, after which the student completes the other part of the application. Please note that once the application is submitted, the applicant has 14 days to have biometrics done at a Danish representation. Keep in mind that you may need to travel to another country for biometrics. There may also be additional visa fees.

- The school will begin the visa application.
- You will receive a link to the second part of the application, which you must complete yourself.
- Once that is done, there is a 14-day period where you must have your biometric scans done. Only once the scans are completed will your application be considered submitted. The biometric data may be registered at a Danish diplomatic mission abroad. See a list of countries here.
Please note that you may need to travel to another country to have it done. And when booking an appointment, you must book for a long-term visa. In addition, there is a fee for booking an appointment for biometric scanning and in some cases you may be asked to pay another fee to the diplomatic mission for visa processing. Please be aware of these fees when applying.
- Once everything is submitted, the waiting time is approximately 2 months, but it may take longer.

If you already have a visa to Denmark

If you, or someone you know who wants to Acts Academy, already have a visa to Denmark/Schengen countries and are in Denmark, you can apply for a study visa for folk high school while your current visa is valid. The process is as described above.
You are allowed to attend the folk high school while your application is being processed.
If your application is rejected, you will of course have to interrupt your stay and probably leave the country.

Are you ready for your adventure with us?

Bring the following:

☑ Passport
☑ Computer (if you have one) or notebooks
☑ Mattress pad
☑ Duvet and pillow
☑ Bed linen and towels
☑ Wardrobe hangers
☑ Musical instruments (if you play any)
☑ Work clothes for practical tasks
☑ Sportswear
☑ Sleeping bag
☑ Water bottle
☑ Duvet, pillow, pillow, mattress pad and hangers can be purchased at the school. There are second-hand shops with a reasonable selection within walking distance of the school.
☑ Bible in English