Privacy Policy

Here is how we handle the data that you provide when you use the website.

The purpose of this policy is to clarify how we handle your data and what you can do if you want your data deleted from us.

Personal data — Short courses and events

When signing up for a short course or event, we receive common personal data, such as name, address email, telephone number, nationality, date of birth, in order to register for the course. If you are asked to give up social security numbers, it is due to legal requirements in order for the school to apply for a grant for the course and that the Ministry of Culture, the Danish Palaces and Culture Agency can check that you are not registered in several schools at the same time.

The payment part will be made through Bambora Online A/S. They will only receive the data you provide in connection with the payment.

Personal data — Long courses (annual course)

Here the same applies as for Short Courses and Events, except the payment part, as there is no online payment at the time of registration.

On our registration form, you must state that you grant us the right to store sensitive personal data, such as personal data, health information and faith-related information. We ask for this information in order to make your stay as good as possible for you. (See, by the way, delete policy further down.)

Data retention

Your data will be treated confidentially and where it is available in paper form it will be stored in locked cabinets. Only the absolutely necessary employees have access to your personal data and files. This also applies to the server where our website is located.

Registration for the course is done in KOMIT, which is our bookkeeping and student registration program. Your data will be located in a database. All data is placed on an internal server at the school, to which only the absolutely necessary employees have access.  In addition, a backup on a secure server is available from our partner KOMIT. The most common safety regulations in the case of encryption and other security are used.

As a school we will obtain information from Bambora Online A/S and these will be part of an order confirmation that will be printed and saved for posting and documentation that you are enrolled in a course.

Transmission of data including third countries

In connection with our application for state support, your normal personal data as well as social security number will be passed on to the Danish Palaces and Culture Agency, which manages the Danish Folk High School area. The auditor will also be given the opportunity to view the ordinary personal data in order to carry out the necessary audit.
Our website's webmaster is located outside the EEA area. He will connect via a secure connection to the server for our website located in Denmark. This means that data can be transferred to third countries. However, we have entered into the necessary data processing agreements, and we are constantly ensuring that he has the necessary certifications, for example, in the case of the european Commission. Privacy Shield certification.

How long do we keep it?

Unless otherwise mentioned in our personal data policy, we will retain the information for the current year plus another five years. Under the Accounting Act we are obliged to keep the information during that period.

Deletion of information

For short courses and events, all your data on our website server will be deleted after the end of the course. There will be a printed copy, which will be stored and then shredded after the time mentioned under the section "How long do we store it?"
At KOMIT, our database, we will store your regular personal data and social security numbers for a longer period of time. If you want them deleted, you can contact us and we delete your data.

At long courses, we delete all your data if you are not admitted to the course. 
If you are admitted, a copy will be printed, which we keep as described above. Then all digital information will be deleted.

When you finish as a student, your sensitive personal data will be shredded.

The common personal data such as name, address and date of birth are used for student lists. They are also stored so that we can make a proof that you have attended the school as set out in the Report, Section 15(5) of the Folk High School Act. This information will not be deleted unless you contact us. The information is stored in the school's locked archive, to which only the essential staff have access.