Study Guide

The college offers student guidance on the choice of education and occupation. The school aims to contribute to your clarification regarding the choice of education and jobs.

All students have the opportunity to have a personal mentor assigned to them. Time has been set aside for individual interviews with the students – here we will, among other things, have a view to the following: talk about your personal goals for your stay at the college as well as your goals for the future.


Re. Qualifying education together with folk high school stays;

Certain courses/individual subjects can be read, where elements can be included as part of a Bible course. However, there are a number of conditions attached. Therefore, we recommend that you contact us if you are considering participating in qualifying classes at another educational institution while you are a student at the Bible school.



  • External training must lead to a test or approved competence. The exam must take place outside the folk high school.
  • External training shall not exceed 15 hours per week and folk high school education shall continue to be at least 15 hours per week, of which 11 shall be of a broad general nature.

For details, options and limitations, contact the school.