Kolding Sommer Gospel 2021

Lots of joy of life, fellowship, immersion, gospel


Week 30: 25 July - 31 July 2021


From 2,990 DKK

Week 30 - Kolding Sommer Gospel is a holiday with lots of content, good gospel experiences and time for meaningful conversations with other fellow students and teachers.

Kolding Sommer Gospel is a holiday with lots of content, good gospel experiences and time for meaningful conversations with other fellow students and teachers.

It is for anyone who likes gospel – whether you sing in a choir or not. Everyone can be involved and no special conditions are required.
Kolding Sommer Gospel is a week that offers: New friends, interesting workshops, concerts, gospel café, fun and laughter, good conversations and much more.

It is important that the course does not get too big, but that it has a size that gives all the opportunity to get to know each other and that one "disappear" in the crowd. Maximum number of participants: 70 participants.

Come and experience how life-affirming and rewarding it is to sing gospel – creating something together that moves, touches and enriches!

We look forward to seeing you in week 30 at Kolding Summer Gospel!

Course Leader

As in previous years, it is Steffen Bay who, together with his passionate team, facilitates this truly unforgettable week.


  • John Fisher, England
  • Ruth Waldron, Norway
  • Emmanuel Waldron, Norway
  • Laura Kjaergaard
  • Ingrid Frederiksen
  • Tune (Lene Svendsen-Tune)
  • Kristina Bay
  • Louise Robinson
  • Poul Jeznach Madsen
  • May Jeznach Madsen
  • Steffen Bay


Every day from 9.00 – 10.25 and 14:00 – 15:30, everyone sings along to the large community choir, where, among other things, they are 15.30. Ruth Waldron, John Fisher, Laura Kjærgaard and Steffen Bay will be responsible for the study of crisp and delicious gospel events. In community choirs we work with expression, dynamics, phrasing, interpretation, etc.


In addition to the choir, you can choose a workshop in Module 1 (morning) and a workshop in Module 2 (afternoon).

WORKSHOPS MODULE 1 (10.45 - 12.15) - 8 options:

  1. Soloist beginner: Tune (Lene Svendsen-Tune)
  2. Soloist intermediate: Ruth Waldron
  3. Soloist advanced: Laura Kjærgaard
  4. Minikor: John Fisher
  5. Impro Theatre: Louise Robinson
  6. Write your own gospel song: Poul Madsen and Emmanuel Waldron
  7. ZOOM IN: May Madsen
  8. Do not want a workshop in this module

WORKSHOPS MODULE 2 (16.00 - 17.30) - 9 options:

  1. Soloist beginner: Ruth Waldron
  2. Soloist Intermediate: John Fisher
  3. Performance: Louise Robinson and Tune (Lene Svendsen-Tune)
  4. Mini choir: May Madsen and Steffen Bay
  5. Gospel, body and soul: Laura Kjærgaard
  6. Band: Poul Madsen
  7. Conversation café: Kristina Bay
  8. Out in the blue: Ingrid Frederiksen
  9. Do not want a workshop in this module

Other Program

Throughout the week there will be inspiring morning sessions where teachers will take up topical and life-threatening topics.
On the evenings there will be various events: Teacher concert, surprises, gospel café and open scene.
During breaks there is ample opportunity for various activities such as:
Walking in the scenic Hylkedal and at Seest Mølleå, hygge by the lake, sightseeing in Kolding, etc.

Closing Concert

On Friday 30 July at 16:00 we invite you to a closing concert at Acts Academy , Lykkegårdsvej 100, Kolding (same place as the course is held).

We invite friends and acquaintances to gospel concert! (Admission DKK 50, children u. 12 years free)

Descriptions of the individual workshops:

WORKSHOPS MODULE 1 (10.45 - 12.15) - 8 options

1. Soloist Beginner – Tune (Lene Svendsen-Tune) (Max 10 pers.)

This workshop is for BEGINNERs. It's for those who have dreamed of singing solo in front of an audience, but who have not yet had the courage to jump into it! It's for you who have a burning desire to sing solo in your choir, but haven't found the courage to do so because the nervousness takes over. I will help you find the courage in a safe environment where together we can step over the edge with the microphone in hand and live out the dream of being a soloist. Don't bring a song, the teacher will. It can be an advantage to have something with you that you can record, as well as paper and pen. I look forward to singing together.

2. Soloist intermediate - Ruth Waldron (Max 10 pers.)

You've tried singing for an audience before, but want to become more familiar with your song, convey a text, express the song and develop your tools to build the song dynamically. If that sounds like you, then you are very welcome in this mid-level solo workshop.

You must bring:
1. Choose a song that you have an instrumental version of (singback track) either MP3, CD or that can be played through your mobile.

2. Bring something you can record with (e.g. your mobile thumb) so you can record your song.

3. Paper and something to write with to take notes.

4. Bring text to your song if you need it.

3rd Soloist advanced - Laura Kjærgaard (Max 10 pers.)
Soloist advanced is for you who have sung solo a lot of times before - not only at workshops, but also in your choir or other musical contexts. Nervous we can all stay, there must be and there is room for this theme, but this theme you have worked with before and are not top-controlled by the nerves.

In this workshop we will work with impro, interpretation and performance as a whole. This presupposes that we make a choice as soloists - and that we also illuminate the opt-outs, as singing solo is not just about choice. We work on the basis that there is a difference between SINGING A SOLO and BEING A SOLOIST, with an emphasis on the latter.

4. Minikor - John Fisher (Max 25 pers.)
In this workshop we are a small group of singers, where there are typically only a few in each voting group (alter, sopranos, tenors). We will work with different exercises to make you more confident as a choral singer – so you dare to take more responsibility in your voice group. We will work with listening to the other voice groups so that we can have a greater understanding and can measure our own role as a singer in the choir. There will be time to go into detail about phrasing, timbre, expression, dynamics, etc. I can't wait to sing with you!

5. Impro Theatre - Louise Robinson (Max. 12 pers.)

Let your inner playchild loose. In this workshop we are going back to childhood, when the imagination was given free play and the play was fully allowed. It is a workshop where we have to go through a lot of theatrical exercises that both give rise to a lot of laughs and also lead us through the whole emotional register. Through the many different exercises and games we end up with a little performance that we do and come up with together during the week.

6. Write your own gospel song - Emmanuel Waldron and Poul Madsen (Max 10 pers.)

How do you start writing your own gospel song?
Get concrete training on the elements and tools you need when writing your own song.
We will work on writing either in small groups or alone, and we work according to the individual's level. Please bring instruments, computer and phone so you can take notes, write texts and record the ideas you get along the way. The creative process in this workshop is more important than reaching a finished product. However, there may be an opportunity to perform individual songs at the closing party.

7. ZOOM in on the gospel song - May Jeznach Madsen (Max. 25 pers.)

At this workshop ZOOM's we are in on the gospel songs that we sing during the week in the large choir. We translate the lyrics, try to figure out what might have been the inspiration to write the songs, and then we talk about what the lyrics tell us and do to us. There will be moments, with the composure to let the songs "talk" to us - and there will be time for conversation in the large group and in smaller groups.  

Kolding Sommergospel is a week in which gospel music fills in a very special way - naturally it fills the song to a lot. At this workshop, we take a break from singing - and instead we take the time and quiet to delve into the content of the songs.

So you must have the desire and courage to talk about faith - and certainly also about doubts.

The workshop can help give you a better opportunity to convey the songs when you are in the large community choir, because you have also given you time to think about what the songs mean to you!

8. Do not want a workshop in this module

WORKSHOPS MODULE 2 (16.00 - 17.30) - 9 options:

1. Soloist Beginner – Ruth Waldron (Max 10 pers.)

This workshop is for you who are definitely beginning as soloist. For those who have considered or may have dreamed of singing solo in front of an audience but have not dared... (yet). It's for you who have a desire to sing solo in your choir maybe, but even if the heart has spoken, your mouth has not!
In this workshop we will help you find your voice in a safe environment, help you face your fears and then together we will engage in singing solo. You don't have to bring a song - your teacher does. Just come as you are with your mobile, which you can record with and also bring paper and pencil. I look forward to meeting you.

2. Sololist Intermediate – John Fisher (Max 12 pers.)

You have sometimes tried to sing solo, but want to develop further and become more comfortable in front of an audience when you sing. You will have tools to develop your expression, your communication, the build-up of your solo, etc. If this sounds like you, come and join this workshop. Bring your own song that you would like to work with for this workshop – also bring music/chords if possible.

3. Performance - Louise Robinson and Tune (Lene Svendsen-Tune) (Max. 10 pers.)

At this workshop we will get to the heart of the song. We need to work on how the song not only becomes a lot of beautiful tones, but also turns into meaningful words. How do you touch the audience, how do you get beyond the stage, and how do you finish the song. These are some of the aspects we will address. It's not a workshop where you have to learn your song, it's important you choose a song you can really well, especially the lyrics. The song you choose, please bring the backing track and text to.

4. Mini choir – May Jeznach Madsen and Steffen Bay (Max 25 pers.)

In this workshop we are a small group of singers, where we are typically only quite a few in each voting group (alt, soprano and tenor). We will work with different exercises so that you become a better and safer choral singer who dares to take responsibility in your voting group! We are going to work with being able to listen to the other voice groups and understand and seize our own role as a singer in the choir. There will be time to go into detail about phrasing, timbre, expression, dynamics m.m. We perform on the evening of the party with one or two numbers from this workshop! We look forward to singing with you!

5. Gospel, body and soul - Laura Kjærgaard (Max 25 pers.) In this workshop we will take the time to get into gear and down the body. It is not about performing and performing, but more about listening, receiving and experiencing calm and presence. We will take time for Christian gospel meditations – focusing on breathing and silent songs. There will be the opportunity to draw a Bible verse, or light a candle, and put the music in the center - lying, standing and/or sitting - and sing along, zooming in on the text and putting it into perspective for ourselves and everyday life.

6th Band - Poul Jeznach Madsen (Max. 10 pers.)

Bandworkshop is for you who think music is exciting and would like to have a workshop that is not necessarily about singing.

It is quite evident that we are going to play together as a band, so if you have a bassist, pianist, guitarist or maybe a lead singer tucked in your stomach, then this workshop is for you.

We try our way with tracks within the "soul genre", as it is often close to the more traditional gospel. However, it has to be said that the numbers we have to work with are not locked in. In other words, in the band workshop we can find a number together that we get started with.

It is not a requirement that you master an instrument of perfection, but a bit of familiarity is certainly not a bad idea. Should you play an instrument that you would like to play in the band, please let you know along with your registration.

Otherwise, it just takes a lot of go-to courage.

7. Interview room – Kristina Bay (Max 10 pers.)

In this workshop, we give ourselves time for the slow conversation, to stop and think about things and see them from multiple perspectives. There are no right or wrong answers and we must not arrive at a point. We create a space where we talk together about some of what matters to us and where you can try out attitudes and thoughts, even if they are not completely baked.
Topics could, for example:
Why did you choose to sing gospel? What does it contribute to your everyday life?
What does time mean to you? And what choices have you made in this context?
What choices or opt-outs have you made in your life?
What social issues are you particularly concerned about, if any?

You will also have the opportunity to influence which topics you find interesting by discussing.
Come and get to know your fellow students from new pages and share your own reflections to inspire the rest of us.

8. Out in the Blue – Ingrid Frederiksen (Max 12 pers.)

These afternoon workshops offer tours out in the blue, the green or the colorful.
Depending on the weather, we will go on a tour of nature in and around Kolding and visit well-known and lesser-known places. As we go, it's easy to have a good chat about big and small in life and the reflections it brings with it. There is time to consider and admire and on the whole soak to us of the beauty around us.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee disability-friendly conditions all days.
Remember a good pair of shoes/sandals to wear. In case of bad weather, we are looking for indoor excursions.

9. Do not want a workshop in this module