Songwriting camp


18-22 Jan 2023


1.900 kr.

In Week 3 from January 19-23, 2022, we meet for 4 days filled with songwriting co-writing sessions across churches, different ages, experience and creativity. And we're going to write a lot of great new music.

Calling all Christian songwriters so it happens again - we repeat the success of last year.

We will all meet and write the next great songs for the churches of our country - eulogies, hymns, gospel songs, children's songs, Carols, holiday songs, wedding songs... you name it - Danish or English, but songs written for and in OUR country, for our time and by us who live here and now in Danish culture and who know Jesus!!!

We put the great creative forces together to stand together for the music in our churches nationally, and we do that because we want to see people meet God in our country, so we don't just work on translating the great songs we know from the US and Australia, but also want to seek God for what He wants to say to His church and His people right now in Denmark. We are passionate about strengthening, encouraging, inspiring and developing the ministry and calling of "being a songwriter" and seeing the next generation of songwriters, producers, musicians and poets become better. We want us to excel together, develop skills and learn from the experienced songwriters who participate from all over the country.

Gather - Inspire - Encourage - Identify - Educate

Through world-class teaching, hands-on experience, networking with renowned artists, you'll have the opportunity to hone your skills as a songwriter so you can grow in your expertise in songwriting.  

This event is designed specifically for YOU, who are already actively writing or producing songs and making music in your local church, in your choir, or have a desire to make music for/about Jesus and are ready to take it to the next level.  

In Week 3, we'll come together for 4 days of songwriting co-writing sessions across churches, age, networks, experience and creativity - and we'll write a LOT of awesome new music.

There will also be new inspiration, education, knowledge sharing and networking for those who want it. Together it is our hope that we will write a lot of new songs and which can be played our churches in the years to come.

It's all going to take place on Acts Academy in Kolding, which has a nice park and lake, and where everyone can stay in double or single rooms or in dormitory.

The chef on site provides really good food for us morning, dinner and evening and for the big banquet.

Day program:


Each day starts with delicious breakfast,devotion and inspiration for the day's songwriting sessions and praise with various worship leaders from all over the country.


We start the morning with the first co-writing session of the day.

You will be put together in groups of 3 songwriters (some are mostly working on lyrics, others melody, while others produce, make beats, play an instrument or sing). You will work in the groups with the talents of the group members. Each group tries to get a song together as finished as possible before lunch and have it recorded (maybe just with a guitar or piano or with more production).

There will be an introduction to how to get a good co-write session to run and you can also sign up on the "LEARNER" TRACK throughout the camp, which is for you who are new songwriter and want to learn as much as possible. In Learner co-write sessions, an experienced songwriter comes in and helps you in the process if you get stuck or need input.

After dinner, we will meet and listen to the songs of the day together at a Listening Party.

We can't wait to hear all the new songs from the groups!


In the dining room, but can also be picked up and eaten with your group if you are missing the last of your song and are in the middle of something cool in your session!


In the afternoon there are several different options:

1. It is possible to join a new co-writing group and write a new track - if you are eager to get written as much as possible on the camp.

2. There will be several different workshops and training sessions you can choose from with fantastically talented songwriters and educators - all relevant to songwriters among others:

- How to write a song

- Learn about music production in Logic

- Prophetic songwriting

- Find the melody

- Flow writing

- How's my writing process?
- Songwriting a craft

- Project management - from songwriting to album release

- Pitching your music

- Worth knowing about law, publishing, koda/Gramex for songwriters

- How do I sell my songs abroad

What to expect at Songwriting Camp:

01 Workshops

MasterClass-style teaching that gives you top-class perspective from professionals with great variety of topics covering each teacher's area of expertise.

02 Pro-Writers

In this session you will have the opportunity to co-write with a professional who will help you find the best practices just for you.

03 Peer-Writes

In these sessions, you will write together with other participants, allowing you to build your network and inspire each other.  

04 Writers' Round

Here we look at the story behind the song. We select some songwriters, who will share their story behind that song and what effect it has had.  

05 Singing Criticism Panel

In this workshop we will have a panel of professionals listening to songs for the first time and evaluating it. They will provide constructive criticism, from a professional and theological point of view.

06 Breakouts  

These sessions are tailored to more in-depth perspectives from professionals in their field. Topics will be chosen based on input from the participants via a questionnaire you will be asked to fill out before the camp.

07 Listening party

We share and listen to the songs written during the camp.

08 Demo-Jail

We pick up songs that we either haven't shared yet, or that for some reason haven't gone beyond our desk drawer. Played and sung to new ears, someone might want to help a song move on.  

This is an evening of "open mic" where you can play your drawer songs for other songwriters. You get the opportunity to get feedback and maybe someone wants to use it so it can come out and be heard and played.

09 One-on-Ones

As a participant, you will have the opportunity to spend time connecting with a lot of different people and will have time either for feedback on a song or time in prayer as well as leading services at the camp.

10 Party Night

Torben S. Callesen

Torben is leader and founder of Aabenraa GospelFamily/Gospel Musical Academy since 2007. He has written, produced, published and organised eight gospel musicals and theatre concerts, seen by over 50,000 schoolchildren and is about to publish 12 of his own gospel songs, which are written for his choir GospelOaks of 100 members with guest soloists Julie Lindell, Rune Herholdt and Anders Butenko. He also has written and produced praise songs for Dansk Oase and the joint church initiative and has written, produced and released songs for BUO's children's tenant. Is married to Sisse Callesen for 27 years and has three adult children.

Hanne Vinsten

Hanne has written melodies and lyrics since adolescence (party songs, songs of praise, children's songs, shows, hymn tunes) and has released 2 solo albums (2011 + 2014) as well as had songs on a number of other song of praise recordings She comes from ecclesiastical background in UMO, Apostolic Church and Folkekirken, and participates in church services in churches, nursing homes, hospitals, mission houses + performs music lectures. Lives in the countryside in the heart of Denmark :-)

Julie Lindell

Julie Lindell is a Danish pop/gospel singer with great national as well as international experience and is described by many Danish singers as one of Denmark's most technically skilled singers. She has become particularly popular for her participation on the tour "Anne, Sanne and Lis" in 2019 and has also been a regular choral and lead singer for Anne Linnet since 2013, when she as a soloist has sung Sanne Solomonsen's solos. Julie is also internationally recognized as a voice coach in complete vocal technique and as a singing coach for many of the greatest Danish artists and in TV talent shows such as X-Factor DK, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, Eurovision Song Contest, Go' Morgen Danmark.

Esben Dulwich Engholm

Creative Lab leader, musician and songwriter

Esben is educated in creativity and innovation, he is an experienced worshipper and songwriter. With 22 years of experience in praise management and head of creative teams, he will equip the students to make an impression. Esben has a great passion for promoting praise nationally as well as internationally. In addition, Esben has a great ability to do this in both theory and practice, so they come together.

Tyron Ivins

Tyron is passionate about God and all things creative, especially music and production. Some of his event highlights and roles included: Event Co-ordination &Production AriseFest New Year's Festival with an attendance of 1500 – 2500 people (2009 &2010) Production Manager at many sold out events at the 4500-seater CityHill Auditorium in South Africa Production manager on the only two Bethel Music Tours to South Africa (2015 &2016) Production Assistant, Jesus Culture Tour to South Africa (2012) Baptist World Alliance, Music Team Leader at this 3500-delegate conference hosted at the International Convention Centre in Durban. (2015) Training and consulting Between 2009 and 2019, a worship training ministry in South Africa called Arise Worship that offered training and consulting to hundreds of churches around South Africa and abroad. Arise Worship was a registered dealer of all major sound brands and offered installations and sales for churches ranging from small 100-seater venues up to thousand-seater venues. Music When it comes to music, he has a deep passion for both playing and creating. Some of his highlights include: Multiple tours with different bands around Africa and Europe Recording and releasing over 43 original songs Recording and producing various other artists. Development of Sonar Music Denmark.

Lotte Aagard

Songwriter, publisher - business developer

Lotte has helped start Music Service, Disco Mix Club, TG Management and their publishing department. Worked with AQUA, Julie Lindell, Razz, Caroline etc.

CV - Strengths: 30 years of experience with international market penetration, including new
market areas, inter alia, Japan for TG Management, where we achieved the best-selling
over 30 no. 1 hits. sales and business development, including working with the international pop group
AQUA's international marketing campaign, marketing of the European pop group
Chipz in Black, work on the launch of LegoLand's summer concerts w.m., Entrepreneur /
business development as well as Project Manager and Idea Developer -
International Market Economist - Teambuilder and teacher on the highly acclaimed D'pop
Camps she launched for TG Publishing in 89. Trained as An International Market Economist and
marketing manager, manager, and taken the course of PRINCE2 project manager.