Personal Development

We do everything we can to develop you, your personality, and your calling in life!

Personality Test

When you choose to be a student at Acts Academy for a whole year, we give you the opportunity to take a well-known personality test. The profile will give you insight into what your strengths are, and how to work best - alone and in teams. You will be able to use your personality profile when you leave Acts Academy and apply for a job, or serve in your community or local church.

We partner with People Tools and use their tools and profiles. It is a personality test developed in Denmark, but available in both Danish and English.

The test and the profile, give insight into your personality and help you to understand how best to work with others in a team. The result can be a real eye opener and will allow you to work on yourself. Your mentor will also use it as a starting point for talks about your development.

Here is how it works

All our mentors are certified to use People Tools.

The test is personal and will be taken online. Once your profile is ready, you will review it with one of our certified mentors and find ways to use it in the ongoing mentoring process for specific areas of your life.

We will also offer joint events where People Tools will be implemented through various games.

We do mean it when we say that we will develop you and make you into the best version of yourself!

A mentor for each student

To ensure the best possible development of our students, we offer all students a mentoring plan at the school's expense.

Here is how it works

Mentoring is offered to all students to help them achieve personal goals. Students meet with their mentor about an hour every two weeks. The mentor is the student's contact person at the school and follows the student's development closely. Your mentor will support you in achieving your goals and developing your potential. We want you to become everything that God has intended for you to be.

Your supervisor in Ministry Practice

In connection with their ministry practice, all students will be assigned a supervisor. This supervisor will help you by providing input and feedback on your actual ministry involvement! They will guide you, so you will better understand your role in the ministry involvement and have the best opportunity to develop and succeed.