1. Spiritual Life

1.1 Personal Spiritual Growth

It is expected that all students spend time each day in prayer and  reading the word of God.

1.2 Morning Devotion - Arise

Arise is a time of praise and worship and a morning devotion held either by an employee or one of the students. There is Arise at 8:15 four days a week (Monday-Thursday) in the school hall. All students are expected to attend and meet accurately.

On Tuesday, Euroclass, Kirkeibyen, AKBU and Nærværket will also participate.

1.3 Sunday Church Service

All students are expected to attend Sunday worship at the church where they have their service internship.

1.4 Mentoring

All students are offered regular mentoring interviews with one of the school staff. The mentor's task is, among other things, to help achieve your goals and develop your potential and to give you the tools to become the best version of what God made you to be.

2. Life at School

2.1 Class Rules

Students are expected to treat teachers and other students with respect.

  • Be in class on time and be ready to learn.
  • Your laptop or tablet may only be used for educational purposes. We recommend that it is not used for purposes that are not related to school – such as text messages, calls, social media, games, internet search or entertainment.
  • Your phone should be on silent during class. Do not use it for purposes that are not related to the class.
  • Do not leave the classroom during class, do toilet visits during breaks.

2.2 Attendance Rules

It is expected that students meet exactly for all class hours and events. Attendance is recorded at all events (Arise, class, conferences, etc.).

2.2.1 Legal Absence

Legal absence from class is in the case of:

  • Disease. If you are ill and therefore unable to attend classes, you must inform the teacher or one of the school's on-duty staff.
  • Scheduled events such as weddings, family gatherings and doctor's visits.
  • As far as possible, try to participate in these things outside of class, but if impossible, the school must be informed.
  • Unforeseen crisis situations in the family.

If the absence lasts for 1-2 hours, you must notify that teacher. If the absence lasts a full day, you must notify your mentor and the on-duty employee. If the absence lasts for several days, talk to the director. 

In the case of non-legal absence, the school may charge DKK 1000 per week in addition to the normal payment.  

2.3 Plagiarism

Students are expected to show integrity in their schoolwork as well as in other matters. No form of cheating or plagiarism will be accepted. .

The most common forms of plagiarism are the following:

  • Quotation marks and/or source indications are missing when quoting a text published or not published by an author.
  • An incorrect rewrite is made in an attempt to explain the thoughts of others in his own words.
  • There is a lack of source information when information is obtained.
  • If you copy another student's work (in whole or in part) and return it as if it were your own work.
  • If you use a previous excercise or from another teaching, but do not put quotation marks.

2.4 Trips

Each year, the school organises different kinds of trips. For some of these trips there is a need for additional finances which are not included in the school fees. The exact cost of the tours and relevant details will be disclosed later in the school year.

  • Bootcamp trip – At the beginning of the school year in August/September, students and staff leave together for a few days. Like the other trips, this time is a unique opportunity to get to know each other better, to get to know God better – and have fun together in other than daily environments.
  • Study trip – usually takes place in the autumn semester. In previous years, trips have gone to Italy and Israel. This year, the study tour will be targeted at relevant content for the student's selected stream.
  • Mission Trips – Mission trips are intercultural experiences that allow the practice of school teaching.

2.5 Conferences and Events

During the year, the school organises a series of conferences and events, which are held at the school premises. On these occasions, students will have a unique opportunity to serve and participate. Students are expected to participate in most of the events.

3. Practical Information

3.1 Email

All students are assigned an official email account belonging to the school, which is an important communication tool for the school. Students are required to check their email regularly so that they receive all important messages. Students are not allowed to send "mass emails" to everyone at the school without prior permission.

In addition, a Facebook group is created each year for internal messages between students and staff.

3.2 Timetables

Weekly timetables including information on changes and special events are posted on the intranet (you will have access to it at the beginning of the semester) as well as on a bulletin board outside the offices, on the first floor.

3.3 Facilities

The school facilities are also used by Euroclass (an annual programme for teenagers), the offices of the AKBU and the Apostolic Church, the social café Nærværket and Kirkeibyen. We urge all students to respect the other organisations in the building and cooperate when their activities take up the use of the common areas. It is carefully assessed how the premises can best be used both in relation to the students and in relation to the other services in the house. In addition to the mentioned ones, there are others who have rented themselves into the building.

Facilities and services are available to everyone in our extended community.

We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the school grounds for any reason and at any time. If any of the students suspect that something illegal or unpleasant is taking place in the form of suspicious guests on the school grounds, it is their duty to immediately inform the on-call officer.

All drinks (coffee, tea, etc.) must be covered if they are enjoyed in the building, except in the dining room. A to-go cup with a lid is good to have. All facilities are non-smoking areas.

3.3.1 Library

In the library, students must be able to read and work in quiet surroundings. Please respect your fellow students.

3.3.2 The Student Lounge

The lounge is a place where students can enjoy themselves together. There is a projector and many board games etc. The lounge is on the 2nd floor.

3.3.3 Student Kitchen

Although the school serves many meals, there is also the possibility for students to cook for themselves. The student kitchen is located on the ground floor, next to the rear entrance, and there is a fridge and shelves for the food.

3.3.4 Gym

The gym can be used by students, teachers and staff. Close family members of teachers and staff can also use the room. Children under 16 years of age must be supervised. Users are themselves responsible for the use of the equipment. It is expected that everyone treats the equipment with care, returns borrowed items back in the right place and follows all guidelines regarding proper use of equipment.

3.3.5 The Dining Room

Every day, three main meals are served in the dining room. It is expected that all students will meet exactly for the service. Personal items must not be left in the dining room (books, clothes, etc.). I want everyone to wear shoes in the dining room. You can only stay in the kitchen if you have any work to do there. All plates, cups and cutlery must be returned immediately after use for washing up.

OPENING HOURS (Subject to change)


Breakfast: 7:30

Lunch: 12:00

Dinner: 18:00 


Breakfast: 9:00

Lunch: Saturday 12:00, Sunday 13:00

Dinner: Saturday 6 p.m., Sunday 5:30 p.m.


The cafeteria is closed during the Christmas holidays, Easter holidays and Summer holidays.

3.4 Practical Work

Practical work is part of everyday life. Time is therefore set aside every day for practical work, such as washing up, cleaning etc. In addition, the students have various tasks during events held at the school. Together we keep the best possible standard on the ground.

Most tasks are done in a matter of hours a week. The house coordinator is responsible for the delegation of the tasks and for their proper execution.

3.5 Holidays

The school is closed during the Christmas and Easter holidays. But it is possible to stay at the school in return for payment and by agreement with the house coordinator, Stefanie.

3.6 Fire drills and rules

Local fire measures require that the hallways be kept free of blocking objects (e.g. waste containers and furniture).

Tampering with firefighting equipment and/or fire extinguishers is a major violation. Everyone has to take part in the fire drills.

In case of fire, or a fire drill, everyone should immediately leave the building and wait at the flagpole outside as well as await instructions.

3.7 Quiet Hours

The hours from 22:30 to 7:00 are called "Quiet Hours". During this time, students must not use the elevator or cause noise and other sounds that might prevent others from reading or sleeping. During these hours, you need headphones if you want to listen to music. If music can be heard from the aisles or from other rooms, it is too loud. If you talk, it has to be done quietly. Please respect the desire for calm.

4. Finances


4.1 School Fees

It costs DKK 1,445 a week to go to school. If you want a single room, there is a surcharge in the price. School fees are paid in monthly instalments, the first of which is due in September. Payment can be made to the office. We have mobilepay and take most debit cards. Alternatively, it can be transferred to the school's bank account 1569-0003057852 (IBAN:DK9530000003057852. SWIFT-Bic: DABADKKK).

If you have not already prepaid the total amount, the remaining amount must be paid monthy no later than 10th. A reminder fee of DKK 100 will be charged for late amounts paid and an interest rate of 0.5% will be added each month on amounts not paid on time.

4.2 Residence Permit (for non-Danes only)

Students from EU countries must apply for an EU residence document. The school will help you in this process when you arrive.

4.2.1 Health Insurance (for non-Danes only)

Once you have received your residence permit or EU residence document, you must register with the local authorities to be covered by the Danish health system. The school will help you in the process when you arrive. Please note that you must have a bank account with a minimum deposit of 100€ per month during your stay in order for you to be eligible for the Danish health insurance.

4.3 Interruption of school holidays

If you wish to break your school stay, you must report this to the school 4 weeks in advance and you must pay school fees for this time. The same applies in the event of expulsion.

5. Accommodation

All students will be accommodated in a double room, unless someone wants a single room. For single room there is a surcharge in the price. 

5.1 Furnishing and Cleanliness

All rooms are provided with beds, tables and closets.

Students are expected to keep their room or apartment clean and neat. Students must regularly carry their own waste to the waste container. Personal waste must not be placed in the hallways or placed in the school's waste bins (such as those in the shared toilets).

5.2 Pets

Pets must not be kept in the school for health and cleanliness reasons.

5.3 Home Insurance

Since the students are not covered by the school's home insurance, it is the responsibility of each student to take out insurance themselves. Everyone needs to lock the door to their room and take the key with them.  When we are on trips abroad, a valid travel insurance policy must be taken out. Please note that the first trip may take place during the second week of the course.

5.4 Laundry Room

The school's laundry room is open to all. The cost of washing is not included in the school fees. Reservations of the washing machine and payment can be made via https://www.payperwash.com

6. Bring the following

  • Bible, preferably in your own language and in English (if English is not your mother tongue).
  • Passport
  • Computer (if you have one) otherwise notebooks
  • Mattress Protector
  • Duvet and Pillow
  • Bed Linen and Towels
  • Wardrobe Hangers
  • Musical instruments (if you play on any)
  • Workwear for practical tasks
  • Sportswear
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Drinking Can

Duvet, pillow, mattress protector and hangers can be purchased at the school. There are second-hand shops with reasonable selection within walking distance of the school.

Disclaimer: Please note that all of the above information may be subject to change.