A large house in beautiful surroundings.

Amazing surroundings

Acts Academy is located in beautiful natural surroundings with a park and a small lake. Weather permitting, we like to eat out, use the outdoor areas for play, sports, prayer or just to be together.
Not far from the school is a nice natural area that invites to walks, races etc.

Single or double room?

We encourage students to choose a double room, that is, have a roommate. While for most it is unfamiliar and breaks with some boundaries and comfort zones, it may also be the opportunity to fully experience the very best aspects of the community. However, should you wish to stay in a single room, this is possible to a limited extent and at an additional cost.

Dining room

As in other homes, meals are important hubs. We have created a dining room where you will want to meet, both around the delicious food, but also just for a cup of coffee and a chat.
The dining hall has several 'rooms', so the flexibility is good. 

'Euroclass', who also lives in our building, eats all of their meals with us.
Other departments in the house also use the dining room for lunch, meetings and other gatherings.

Teaching and meeting rooms

The school hall can accommodate up to 250 people, but is also suitable for smaller gatherings. It is in the school hall that there are the best options for sound, light, and music.

'Close to Heaven' is on the rooftop and works well with up to 30 participants.

The meeting room on the 2nd floor can accommodate 15-20 people.

In addition, the school has a number of group rooms.


The school has a good, smaller library, which is constantly being expanded. Here you will find books in Danish and English.

In the library there is good opportunity to read, study and find peace.

Living Rooms

On the 2nd and 3rd floor are living rooms, which are at the students' disposal whenever they have time off. Here there is an opportunity to sink into a sofa, watch a movie, play a game, do something creative or just drink a cup of coffee.

The living rooms are meant to be free spaces and shared by all.

Student Kitchen

Every day, the school kitchen serves delicious food. Should you wish to make your favorite dish anyway, bake a cake or the like, please help yourself at the student kitchen. There is plenty of space with three cookers, sinks, fridges and freezers, and a dining area.

The student kitchen is shared with tenants in the house for whom it is their only kitchen.

The users are responsible to wash the dishes and leave the kitchen in a good condition - just like any other common room in the house.

Gym & Sports

The college has a small gym, which is available for students and tenants. Here you can do strength and exercise training.

The sports hall, which is located right next to the school, is available during certain periods of the week.

Finally, there are good areas around the school that can be used for running, mountain biking, etc.


On the ground floor you will find the laundry. There are brand new washing machines and dryers available. Payment per wash or per minute drying time; the cost of washing is therefore not included in the school fees. A booking system is attached so you can reserve washing time.

It is possible to dry your clothes in the laundry or outside in the open air.