Teaching and content that makes sense in a time like this!

Timetable - An overview of the week



Every teaching day starts with what we call "Arise". It is 30-45 minutes of inspiring praise and worship, a devotion/'mini-sermon' or other input followed by an opportunity to give response. Not only does it set the tone for the day, but it is often the place where God meets us. We also consider it a place of learning, whether it is leadership, communication, or creative expression, Arise is a workshop where we meet God and develop together.

Both students and teachers are involved, and on Tuesdays the whole house is with us - that is, Euroclass, Acts Academy, staff and volunteers from the Service Centre, AKBU and Kirkeibyen and the employees at  "Nærværket".

Service Internship

In your local church or other service context, practical work is being done. Read more under Trips & Internship.


'Onward' is the name of the student's self-selected track. We offer Creative lab, Communication & Storytelling and Leadership & Innovation. Every Wednesday is set off to 'Onward'. In addition, there will be weeks throughout the year with intensified teaching related to these subjects. See more below.

Other Teaching - Inner Life and Expression

Three days a week, everyone attends the same classes. This is where we focus on what we call 'Inner Life' and 'Expression'.

Our understanding of ourselves and our identity affects how we see the world around us. Therefore, it is important that we understand who we are from God's perspective. We also work with our understanding of God, both as a personal relationship, as a father, as a guide, as the almighty. It is also our goal that everyone is filled by the Holy Ghost and learn to live a prophetic life where it is natural to hear from God and pass on what one hears to help and encouragement others.

Theology and Bible Doctrine

Bible Doctrine is important to us. And it is important that everyone knows and understands the great narrative of the Bible, the red thread through the whole. That we are able to see how a theme develops through the Bible.

We need to know genres, chronology, and issues in their time, but at least as important that we recognize ourselves and be able to perspective ourselves on the church, society and life today. The Bible is dynamic and relevant to all generations.

It provides an overview of the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Every year, books are selected in the Bible that are studied more closely. It delves into context, contemporary and understanding of the book in question in its time. We focus on themes and relevant issues.

Other theological topics and doctrines, such as christianology and teachings of salvation are also illuminated.


On Tuesday morning, the focus is on the formation and development of the community spirit, and on how, as a charismatic Christian and church, you can live out the calling to proclaim the kingdom of God so that it becomes both enrichment and change of society of which one is a part.

The goal is to create an understanding of the communities that we as human beings engage in, how they function, what mechanisms they are shaped by and how to influence and change them.

Inward Courses

Throughout the year, Acts Academy offers exciting "Impact Week" courses. These are weeks when the classes are open to guests and focus on one central theme. The teaching will be for all students and will be given by competent and inspiring guest speakers from Denmark and from abroad.  

Most "Impact Week" courses start Monday morning at 8:30 a.m. and end Friday morning with breakfast. However, each course is slightly different, so stay informed here on the website, through our newsletter or on Facebook.

So far, the following are planned for 2021

  • OneHeart20 is four inspiring days at the start of the autumn holidays for creative people and performers. It is a conference for songwriters, worship singers, musicians, sound and lighting technicians, and producers.
  • Communicate to impact enables you to naturally communicate your personal beliefs in this modern time and in a way that influences and makes a change. Autumn 2021.
  • Listen! is a week of teaching on how to live out a prophetic lifestyle. Whatever you deal with in life, God's gift to us is that we listen to Him and pass on the hope and freedom that comes from the Father's heart to those around us. Spring 2021.
  • RE_church: Innovative Leadership and Church Planting will give you tools to lead through change, make new initiatives and plant well-functioning churches. Summer 2021.
  • Make An Impact Into This Time is 4 days where we talk about and provide tools to bring the kingdom of God into this time and culture. We are influenced by society, but we are called to influence and make a change in all facets of society. Learn and be inspired by the people who live it out in their everyday lives. Spring 2021.
  • Young Street is the end of the school year and is parallel to the Summer Camp of Apostolic Church. It is a camp for young people between 17 1/2 and about 25 years of age.