When you are a citizen outside Europe.

Visa application guidance

Students from Denmark or Europe do not need a visa to attend a folk high school in Denmark.

If you, or someone you know who would like to attend Acts Academy, are a citizen of a non-EU country, a visa must be applied for before the start of your stay at the Bible school. 
Expect the process to take about 3 months. The college cannot force this process.

1. Contact Us

It is a good idea to contact the school first. We have limited number of space for students outside the EU.

2. Apply to become a student

Before a visa can be applied for, you must be admitted as a student. The application is made online. Please note that foreign students need a reference from your pastor, youth leader, etc.

3. Admittance

Wait for the school's response. If you have been admitted, it is time to move on in the process.

4. Payment for the entire course

If you have been admitted to the course you want, you will have to pay for the entire staybefore you can apply for a visa. Once we have received the full payment, we will send you a receipt for your deposit.

Once we have received the payment, we can start the visa application process.

5. Visa Application

It is the student himself/herself who has to pay the fee for the visa application. Start by creating a Case ID and deposit the fee for the application. Read more at 'New in Denmark'.

Next, the school can complete its part of the application, after which the student completes the second part of the application. Please note that once the application has been submitted, the applicant has 14 days to obtain biometrics at a Danish representation.

Do you already have a visa for Denmark

On the other hand, if you, or the one you know who would like to attend the Acts Academy, already have a visa for Denmark/Schengen countries and are in Denmark, you can apply for a student visa to a folk high school, while the current visa is valid. The process is as described above.
You are allowed to participate in the folk high school stay while your application is processed.
If your application is rejected, you will of course have to cancel your stay and probably leave the country.