Living Together

Community is at the heart of the Acts Academy!

Cohabitation and everything that comes with it

When you live together 24/7, you get close! It involves a number of practical opportunities as well as limitations - all of which you can read more about here:

World-class gourmet!

We have hired two chefs who, in their own way, make the community around meals special. They don't just make healthy, nutritious and extremely tasty diets, they do so with love and empathy. It's a pure pleasure when serving their latest creations. The head chef, Rasmus Mortensen, has also provided a good atmosphere in the large common dining room. It just has to be experienced! 


The community is a natural part of a Bible school stay. You get to know each other well, and the stay provides an opportunity to work with the unredeemed aspects of yourself and your character. It also provides an opportunity to encourage and bring out the best in each other. Many people experience the joy of being part of an environment where you are there for each other and help each other to grow and develop. And then the community allows for a whole lot of fun and fun in the middle of everyday life. For many, being at Bible school is the beginning of lifelong friendships.


Being a Bible school student also means having free time together. To a great extent, it is the students' own responsibility what will happen in their spare time. The possibilities are many:

Fitness and sport provide energy and fellowship. This can happen in the school's smaller gym, in the hall or simply in the absolutely stunning surroundings, where it is easy to make use of, for example, your running shoes.

Movies, games and cosiness can easily take place in our newly decorated dining room, the students' living room or in the dorms. During the summer period, the Bible school park is also ideal for fellowship.

The library offers the opportunity to find the next good book, provide the framework for a good study environment or is just the place where you find peace and quiet.

Kolding city, the beach and the Storcentret are favourite targets for a joint tour. It is just a few kilometres from Kolding city centre with shops, cafés and urban atmosphere.

Small groups in the church we encourage everyone to join in - or to start! It's a great way to grow together and get to know some outside the house.

Church activities are mandatory for all students. It will be possible to take part in a large number of activities that take place on weekdays after class.

Single or double room?

We encourage students to choose a double room, that is, have a roommate. While for most people this is unfamiliar and breaks with some boundaries and comfort zones, it may also be the opportunity to fully experience the very best aspects of the community.
However, should you wish to get a single room, this is possible to a limited extent and at an additional cost.

Practical work

It is the students' own responsibility that their rooms are tidy and cleaned. In addition, it is a common job to keep the common areas clean. You can read more about this under 'Practical Work.'