Practical Involvement

Part of your development!

Part of your development!

Working with practical tasks is also a way of honoring each other, a way of managing what we have been entrusted with, and then it makes the school a nicer place to be.
Serving - even where few people notice - is an opportunity to see what no one else sees.

Practical work is part of everyday life for everyone, just as it is for the rest of their lives. Therefore, every student has some practical tasks to do every day during the midday break or after class.

What tasks

The daily tasks are primarily cleaning, serving and washing dishes. Cleaning includes common areas such as vacuuming the stairwell, washing floors, cleaning toilets and showering. The kitchen staff serves morning coffee and lunch (hot food), and in the morning and evening it is the students who put the food out. Washing up after meals is also the students' task. However, this task is shared with Euroclass, who also lives in the house and eats with the college students.


During the year, the college hosts major events. For us, it is an opportunity to bring people together, give them a good experience, and bring them closer to God.
Students serve in various tasks when we have such events. Expect 3-4 major events and a number of smaller events/collections.
Together we do our best to maintain a good standard and ensure that all guests are welcome.