It all began in 1929. Every summer, a large group of young Christians gathered at a farm in Seest near Kolding.

Over the years, the events evolved. Five years later, there were up to 1000 participants, and in 1939, the first 6-week Bible school began with 27 students in the farmhouse's farmhouse. The course consisted of Bible interpretation, English, singing and music.

The growing number of people attending the summer meetings and the ongoing course activity led a group of leaders led by Sigfred Beck at a meeting in 1941 in the middle of the war years to be inspired to build a Bible school that would have an impact across Europe. The vision was presented with the motto: "Build the temple of faith by the example of faith". In the same year, the entire 33,000 m2 of the school's current site with lake and park was donated to the project by Beate & Hans Beck. After this, a major fundraising campaign for the building began. In the years 1941-1953, DKK 900,000 was collected. In 1949, the school was recognized as a folk high school, and in 1951 the first foreign students arrived from Switzerland, Norway and Germany.

In the summer of 1957, the new building was officially inaugurated with 100 students from Denmark and abroad.

Today, the school consists of almost 5000 m2 spread over 5 floors, and if the school's three building sections areunfolded, it reportedly has the same dimensions as Noah's Ark. More than 5000 students studied at the School.