Creative Lab

A workshop where you develop your performance and your creative and musical expression!

What do we want with Creative Lab?

Imagine that you were given the opportunity to spend a year of your life with other creative people who, like you, are passionate about using his creative skills to inspire people in the church and society to change, and to seek and experience God and His presence in their lives.

Imagine that in one year you are able to gather 10 years of learning within the many expressions of praise of worship, stage performance, music creation, poetry, production, interaction and much more.
Imagine that you have time to work with yourself and your talent, and that in the process you will be inspired, mentored and taught by the best in our church network and community. It is the Creative Lab at Acts Academy. 

We mean it when we say that we will develop the best in you. In an environment where there is a high ceiling, a clear framework and expectation of personal empathy, as well as a desire for learning and development, you will, together with others, develop both theory and talent so that they are a higher unit. 

We expect something but give back just as much. Together we unpack you, improve and give you awareness of your purpose and calling as a creative person created in the image of God.