Communication & Storytelling

Learn to communicate with conviction in both writing and speech

What do we want with Communication & Storytelling?

If you dream of becoming a better communicator in your family, church or community, this track is for you. We expose you to the greatest storytellers in history and combine it with mentoring and teaching from the best practitioners in our church network and community. You will also develop through practical tasks and challenges, both at the school and in connection with your church internship.

The importance of good communication is enormous. The society we know today, and the values we appreciate are shaped by people who managed to communicate and leave a lasting impact in writing and speech. At the Acts Academy, we will create a new generation of talented, trustworthy and inspiring gospel communicators!

We invite you to become part of a track where you learn the art of communication and rhetoric and its historical significance. You will have the tools to become a better communicator both in writing and orally and to both a large and a small audience. You will learn principles about apologetics and how the gospel is told to different audiences to create awareness and change. 

We mean it when we say that we will develop and develop the best in you. In an environment where there is a high ceiling, clear framework and expectation of personal empathy, as well as a desire for learning and development, you will become a communicator and storyteller who makes an impact.