Shaped To Impact
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Give yourself a year that can develop your intimacy with God, your identity, your relationships, and your potential in church and society.
Your adventure starts here

Spring - Summer 2022
Come and feel the pulse for four months at Acts Academy. Now we're opening our doors for you to join us on an adventure in spring - summer 22.
Jump on the journey and get right now four months stay including room & board, travel, SummerCamp and Young Street for a special price.

Before price: 35000 DKK
Now: 25000 DKK

We look forward to meeting you!

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Lars Bo Olesen
It is my belief that every human being holds the potential for something great

Therefore, we create an environment where you grow Inward and are transformed  Outward to go  Onward and impact the world for Christ.

Lars Bo Olesen, Principal

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Knowing yourself, your identity, and God as your father is essential to a life of balance and harmony. At Acts Academy, we start with your inner life and lay a solid foundation!

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Exellence - Courage - Generosity

The values are pointers to our culture in everyday life, and for the way we want to be perceived by the environment.
Here you will be "Shaped To Impact"

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It is in meeting other people that we make friendships and are challenged in our behaviors and attitudes. At Acts Academy, your character and your ability to build significant relationships will be shaped.

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At Acts Academy we will cultivate and develop your calling and potential in life, church, and society. You can choose one of three streams that will develop your skills – Creative Lab, Communication & Storytelling or Leadership & Innovation.

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"I've searched for more and I've found more."
France, 2018/2019
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